A Change

When you type “motivation” in the search bar on Google, “motivational quotes” is the first search to come up, then “self motivation” “motivational kelly rowland” and “types of motivation.” What motivates you? What drives you? I’ve recently and more frequently been asking myself WHY, and finding it hard to answer. WHY do I do everything I do? Maybe it’s simpler than I thought. I want to be better, feel better, get stronger, smarter, wiser. I want to support myself and my future family. I want to start my own business. All those things motivate me every day. 

As I was typing this entry, it hit me. Social media has such a huge impact on people, esp women, and a huge impact on myself… More than it should, and more than I’ve realized until this very moment. WHY am I doing a figure competition for example. Maybe it’s because I want to look like the girls I see on Instagram. The girls I originally followed for motivation maybe the WHY… and that’s not what the answer should be. I should be doing this for ME and only me. I can’t help but wonder if I would still be motivated to do this without social media… don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited to do this. And I can’t blame it all on social media. I have friends who compete and I want to be able to use the experience as an advantage as a personal trainer myself. I am extremely motivated; credit to where ever or whoever the encouragement came from, and know it will be an amazing experience.

from the opposite perspective, I could probably even thank Instagram. thank you for showing me what is possible and giving me the “if she can do it-i can do it” attitude. I might not even know what a figure competition was if I didn’t have an Instagram account (or two.). social media can be very inspiring! 

Because of this sudden realization that I have been impacted in such a way (first perspective) I deleted all social media from my phone, (with the exception of pinterest if that counts.) Whether this is a temporary decision or permanent, I know without the distractions I will be focused and self motivated without it. I rely too much on strangers and not enough on myself. It’s time for a change!

(I will still be blogging though with updates. too soon to give this up!)

Contest Prep

Figure Competition Prep

after much consideration I have committed to participating in my first ocb figure competition on Saturday, April 23, 2016. I decided at almost exactly 16 weeks out which is literally just enough time to prep!

how I picked a show:

  • decided I wanted to do a natural show
  • decided on when I wanted to do a show. being new to powerlifting I wanted to lean out sooner than later so I could build lean muscle mass on a solid base. I love powerlifting and will stick with it when prep is complete. I also wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be prepping during the summer, too many temptations!
  • looked for the closest natural shows in the area/within driving distance.

so those three decisions narrowed it down to a ocb (organization of competitive bodybuilding) figure show in Alexandria, Virginia. (4 hours away)

there are many factors that go into prepping, so I hired an online coach for what I thought was a reasonable and affordable price to help with training and nutrition. I was going to try to do it one my own, but then I thought better to do it right the first time and if I wanted to continue with competitions I will have enough experience to coach myself in the future.


my measurements currently:

height: 5’5″

weight: 147.00

body fat: 23%

my goal weight is 125, so I will lose a total of 23 pounds (subject to change.)

macros per day for now:

  • 30% protein/125g/500cal
  • 20% fat/45g/405cal
  • 50% carb/163.25g/653cal

this is all a rough guestamit because23% is only a good guess of my body fat but not totally accurate. I figured these macros myself but if it difference from what my coach says I will obviously follow her guidelines!



Monday is usually my off day, but since I didn’t go super heavy with deadlifts yesterday, I felt like I could do some light legs with quad focus and be recovered to squat on Thursday.  it was a really good workout because my dad was able to join me!  it’s always better when you have a gym partner. I kicked his butt!

leg press 2 warm up sets and three working sets. really focused on the eccentric, getting deep and firing the hips at the bottom. 

leg extension 4 sets:  90×15, 110×12, 130×10, 150×8

laying hamstring curl 4 sets. 50×15, 70x3x10

assisted pull ups (25 total pull ups)

abs using bench and smith machine. 4 different exercises 25 reps each (100 total reps)

ended with my favorite cardio exercise to hate: 20 minutes of walking lunges with minimum breaks. 



the holiday weekend is coming to an end, and for my dad and I, that meant driving 6 hours home. in a torrential downpour. lucky for me I didn’t have the stress of driving but it did add about an hour to our trip. I was tired and hungry by the end but determined to work off the rest of those holiday cookies. so after quickly unloading the truck and unpacking, I ate a pack of tuna and headed to the gym to get in my weekly deadlifts.

my plan was to do 5 sets of 3 reps, starting my working set at 205 after my warm up. 205 felt good; 225 felt heavier than usual and 245 was super heavy. I tried for 255 and couldn’t even get it off the ground. I know this is due to not having food all day (all I had on the way home was coffee, water, turkey jerky and peanuts) but I thought I could use mental strength to lift the weights instead of muscle which never works. I could have just given up after failing my fourth set (I planned to do 265 to end my fifth working set) but I had to hang in there and still get a good workout in. I was definitely exhausted after and feel a lot better now than I would have if I had given up. today’s lesson is obvious: always eat before a workout, especially a heavy one. FUEL YOUR BODY. 


🔘 205 


🔘245 (2nd video)

255 (1st video)



185x10x10 conventional deadlift

5×10 hamstring curls on ball (I didn’t edit this one and it’s unnecessary to watch all four min but feel free to do so.)  

4×10 cable kickbacks


What I’m Reading Now

it seems all the books I have on hold at the library become available at the same time. it happens so often in fact I’ve had to start holding only two or three at a time and putting the rest of the books I want to read on my Wish List for later reference. last week “The Rest of Us Just Live Here” by Patrick Ness came off my hold list, which I planned to start over the holiday weekend. (I’m only one chapter in but think I will enjoy this easy read!) over the holiday weekend the second book I had on hold became available, the third book of The Testing trilogy. if you like the Hungar Games you with love this trilogy as well.

I try to utilize the library as much as possible. there are so many books out there I hardly read any of them more than once because I want to read them all! my local library has a lot of ebooks so I can get download them right on my kindle. it’s a very nice feature if you have a busy schedule and don’t always have time to go to the library and browse for books. although I do love to do that as well when I have the time.

joining a book club is a great way to discover new books and meet people with similar interests. I’ve been a member of a book club for over a year now. our librarian is very nice and truly passionate about literature and she started it the summer The Fault In Our Stars by John Green came out in theaters and we’ve been having monthly meetings ever since. except the past two months we haven’t been able to coordinate meetings because of the holidays, back to school and also because Jessica, the librarian, is pregnant! very exciting news to everyone.

we usually stick to YA books because we are a group of 5 or 6 young women in our 20s that love John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

I’m not sure what’s next on my reading list but I’m excited to finish these two current books!


Post-Christmas [Cookies]

Took Christmas Day off from the gym. although I still did a bit of cardio in the driveway (In a tshirt!) which was 20 min of walking lunges. 

I had my fair share of Christmas cookies (and then some) so I was excited to go to the gym this morning. Saturday is usually a light upper body day, and Tuesday is my heavy bench day. 

warm up 4 super sets of lat pull down and dumbbell bench

95x 10×8 bench

tricep pull down – three variations with rope. my video is in speed mode but you can still see the three variations. 

4×20 face pulls

ended with pull-ups 4×10 on the smith machine. 

good workout over all!


Christmas Eve Workout

okay, second time writing his because I fudged up and didn’t post it some how so here we go!
Thursday is for squatting. and putting those holiday cookies to good use 😉 hashtag booty gains. I didn’t have a belt or a spotter today so kept it fairly light. (keep in mind noting the weight I use is for personal reference. feel free to use my workouts as a guide but use weight you are comfortable with!)

back squat

warm up with bar, 95, 115, 135

working set 5×3 @ 155, 155, 175, 195, 205

front squat 95, 115, 135

leg press 4×15

kettle bell swings

 I wanted to get a single leg exercise in there but there was a guy making so much noise that I had to cut my workout short it was so distracting! I actually complained to the manager and I’ve never had to do that before. hopefully someone says something to him because I know I’m not the only one who thought it was obnoxious.. but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. it is Christmas Eve after all!

don’t use the holiday as an excuse to blow your progress! but don’t be so strict you don’t enjoy the annual occasion either. life is all about finding a balance. set realistic expectations of yourself and you will be successful!