A year of “firsts”

2015 in a nutshell:
flew to Florida, left the country for the first time, loved and lost, concerts: Chris brown, Kenny, city and colour to name a few, pirate baseball games, my first regular season steeler game, received my ace personal training certification – got a second job. started power lifting – first meet (650 total). rum fish (a couple times) one of my bffs moved to Florida, got a few more piercings and tattoos; went to jamboree in the hills, saw jimmy buffet – ended up in Chester county, wv. south side (more than a couple times), came down with pneumonia, went to snowshoe mountain, wv (for the coldest brewfest & shakey graves concert) saw my first Pitt football game, went to the last pirate game of the season, dyed my hair BLONDE, drove to Washington, D.C. for the first time – saw the weeknd concert. VEGAS. signed up to be an uber driver. started studying for nutrition cert. signed up for classes. court side seats at a college game. cavs nba game in Cleveland (happy birthday to me) I’m feeling 23. first reg season pens game. 
many firsts in 2015!  in addition to the usual socials and family gatherings. It was definitely the best summer I’ve ever had; no regrets! I already have goals set for the new year and am looking forward to another 365 days of adventure.

oh and started blogging, can’t leave that out!

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