Client Update/Beginner Workout Program

a few weeks ago my best friend asked me to write up a workout plan if she goes to the gym four days a week. she has been going to the gym consistently for a few months now and not seeing the results she wants even though she’s doing cardio religiously and eating better. I gave her a four day split workout (below) legs twice a week and plenty of upper body exercises.

|| side note: women LOVE legs. but I advise all my female clients to give their legs and glutes a break and focus on strengthening the upper body. we, as women, have weaker upper bodies than men naturally and shy away from working out our top half. what females have to understand is this:

no you will not look like a dude if you do chest exercises.

no you will not lose your boobs.

and no your ass and legs won’t get smaller if you don’t do legs every other day.

having a stronger upper body and core will actually help you increase your booty gains. end rant. ||

she is two weeks in to her program and already seeing results!

this is why I became a trainer. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to see what she accomplished in another two weeks. we will have to revise her plan soon at this rate!

Monday: heavy legs 

back squats

leg press

sumo squat with dumbbell

Bulgarian split squats

Tuesday: back

assisted pull-ups

Lat pull downs with neutral grip (switch up grip every few weeks)

low rows (cable machine)

face pulls

push ups (progressive exercise; start with “girl push-ups” if needed. or incline push-ups are a great start) DO NOT SKIP

Wednesday: arms

db bench press

bicep curl dumbbell variation (alternate)

tricep pull downs

shoulder press

bicep curl cable variation 

tricep dips

shoulder lateral raises

Thursday: light legs


single leg RDL with kettle bell (or dumbbell if no KB)

hamstring curl

walking lunges

glute kickbacks on the cable machine (YOU WILL LOVE THESE)

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