Monday is usually my off day, but since I didn’t go super heavy with deadlifts yesterday, I felt like I could do some light legs with quad focus and be recovered to squat on Thursday.  it was a really good workout because my dad was able to join me!  it’s always better when you have a gym partner. I kicked his butt!

leg press 2 warm up sets and three working sets. really focused on the eccentric, getting deep and firing the hips at the bottom. 

leg extension 4 sets:  90×15, 110×12, 130×10, 150×8

laying hamstring curl 4 sets. 50×15, 70x3x10

assisted pull ups (25 total pull ups)

abs using bench and smith machine. 4 different exercises 25 reps each (100 total reps)

ended with my favorite cardio exercise to hate: 20 minutes of walking lunges with minimum breaks. 

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