the holiday weekend is coming to an end, and for my dad and I, that meant driving 6 hours home. in a torrential downpour. lucky for me I didn’t have the stress of driving but it did add about an hour to our trip. I was tired and hungry by the end but determined to work off the rest of those holiday cookies. so after quickly unloading the truck and unpacking, I ate a pack of tuna and headed to the gym to get in my weekly deadlifts.

my plan was to do 5 sets of 3 reps, starting my working set at 205 after my warm up. 205 felt good; 225 felt heavier than usual and 245 was super heavy. I tried for 255 and couldn’t even get it off the ground. I know this is due to not having food all day (all I had on the way home was coffee, water, turkey jerky and peanuts) but I thought I could use mental strength to lift the weights instead of muscle which never works. I could have just given up after failing my fourth set (I planned to do 265 to end my fifth working set) but I had to hang in there and still get a good workout in. I was definitely exhausted after and feel a lot better now than I would have if I had given up. today’s lesson is obvious: always eat before a workout, especially a heavy one. FUEL YOUR BODY. 


πŸ”˜ 205 


πŸ”˜245 (2nd video)

255 (1st video)



185x10x10 conventional deadlift

5×10 hamstring curls on ball (I didn’t edit this one and it’s unnecessary to watch all four min but feel free to do so.)  

4×10 cable kickbacks

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