Contest Prep

Figure Competition Prep

after much consideration I have committed to participating in my first ocb figure competition on Saturday, April 23, 2016. I decided at almost exactly 16 weeks out which is literally just enough time to prep!

how I picked a show:

  • decided I wanted to do a natural show
  • decided on when I wanted to do a show. being new to powerlifting I wanted to lean out sooner than later so I could build lean muscle mass on a solid base. I love powerlifting and will stick with it when prep is complete. I also wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be prepping during the summer, too many temptations!
  • looked for the closest natural shows in the area/within driving distance.

so those three decisions narrowed it down to a ocb (organization of competitive bodybuilding) figure show in Alexandria, Virginia. (4 hours away)

there are many factors that go into prepping, so I hired an online coach for what I thought was a reasonable and affordable price to help with training and nutrition. I was going to try to do it one my own, but then I thought better to do it right the first time and if I wanted to continue with competitions I will have enough experience to coach myself in the future.


my measurements currently:

height: 5’5″

weight: 147.00

body fat: 23%

my goal weight is 125, so I will lose a total of 23 pounds (subject to change.)

macros per day for now:

  • 30% protein/125g/500cal
  • 20% fat/45g/405cal
  • 50% carb/163.25g/653cal

this is all a rough guestamit because23% is only a good guess of my body fat but not totally accurate. I figured these macros myself but if it difference from what my coach says I will obviously follow her guidelines!

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