A Change

When you type “motivation” in the search bar on Google, “motivational quotes” is the first search to come up, then “self motivation” “motivational kelly rowland” and “types of motivation.” What motivates you? What drives you? I’ve recently and more frequently been asking myself WHY, and finding it hard to answer. WHY do I do everything I do? Maybe it’s simpler than I thought. I want to be better, feel better, get stronger, smarter, wiser. I want to support myself and my future family. I want to start my own business. All those things motivate me every day. 

As I was typing this entry, it hit me. Social media has such a huge impact on people, esp women, and a huge impact on myself… More than it should, and more than I’ve realized until this very moment. WHY am I doing a figure competition for example. Maybe it’s because I want to look like the girls I see on Instagram. The girls I originally followed for motivation maybe the WHY… and that’s not what the answer should be. I should be doing this for ME and only me. I can’t help but wonder if I would still be motivated to do this without social media… don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited to do this. And I can’t blame it all on social media. I have friends who compete and I want to be able to use the experience as an advantage as a personal trainer myself. I am extremely motivated; credit to where ever or whoever the encouragement came from, and know it will be an amazing experience.

from the opposite perspective, I could probably even thank Instagram. thank you for showing me what is possible and giving me the “if she can do it-i can do it” attitude. I might not even know what a figure competition was if I didn’t have an Instagram account (or two.). social media can be very inspiring! 

Because of this sudden realization that I have been impacted in such a way (first perspective) I deleted all social media from my phone, (with the exception of pinterest if that counts.) Whether this is a temporary decision or permanent, I know without the distractions I will be focused and self motivated without it. I rely too much on strangers and not enough on myself. It’s time for a change!

(I will still be blogging though with updates. too soon to give this up!)

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