Four months.  Sixteen weeks.  One hundred and twelve days.  Let the count down begin!

My nutrition plan and training program are in order.  I have a lists of supplements (mandatory/not mandatory) that i am in the process of purchasing.  I will also need to get a digital food scale because my nutrition plan has a lot of measurements in grams.  Today is the first official day of prep and I’m feeling great!  This is going to be a huge mental battle but I’m up for the challenge.

I finished The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.  I really enjoyed this book!  Although it did throw me through a loop because I didn’t expect it to be a fantasy book.  I read the summary of it when i originally put it on hold months ago and supposed i didn’t remember exactly what it was about!  I would suggest this book to a friend as an easy fun read.  Today I started Graduation Day, the third book of The Testing Trilogy.  One chapter in!  Looking forward to finishing it so I can start a new book i received from my hold list Buddhism Plain and Simple.  One of my 2016 goals is to explore Buddhism and my spirituality.  I’m excited for my spiritual journey this year!

As a reminder and a positive note to start the new year on, my friend and i got matching tattoos today of the unalome, the Buddhist symbol for Enlightenment.  (picture coming soon.)  We went to a tattoo shop I’m very familiar with and had the privilege of being tattooed by Amber, who coincidentally has the unalome symbol as well!  She said she’s been tattooing this symbol more and more recently and thinks it’s great that people are getting this meaningful symbol.  Positive vibes.   


 Amber also told me she saw my Instagram post the other day about getting off all social media during my prep and felt inspired herself!  What i did is extreme for most but she is more motivated to have a time to put the phone down and spend quality time with friends/family/boyfriend.  It made me feel so good because i didn’t think of my actions inspiring anyone else!  2016 is going to be an amazing year and see where i end up in 363 days.


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