Eccentric Training Program

Last week I started a new phase in my powerlifting program.  It’s a nine week program with a three week split.  For the full 9 weeks I will be focusing on the eccentric contraction of my bench, squat, and deadlift.

There are three different contractions:

  • concentric, the shortening of the muscle.
  • eccentric, the lengthening of a muscle. (aka the negative.)
  • and isometric, no change in muscle length. (example: a plank.)

So I will be focusing on the negative of the three main lifts for 4-5 seconds.  I attached the video below for clarification. 

My program will consist of three to four sets of four reps at 80% 1RM and accessory work will be light weight and high reps so it works with my new training program for figure well.

Today I did deadlifts:



245x1x4 (my last set was for normal speed)

good mornings for 5 sets

glute hamstring raises 4×10

single rdls 4×10 each leg

banded hamstring curls 4×15 each leg

45 degree lunges 4×10 each leg

ended with the ex wife resting for 3 minutes for lower back compression.

(the ex wife is a 130 lb steel roller we use before and/or after training.)

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