sesame crusted turkey burgers

meal prepping has proven to be difficult now that I invested (a mere $15) in a digital food scale. my estimations were way off! so the better part of this afternoon was spent cooking, prepping, packing food, and a last minute trip to the grocery store. 

I go to aldi for most of my groceries and giant eagle for whatever aldi doesn’t carry. this list is usually pretty short and only consists of egg whites and gallons of water. 

I spent $30 on frozen meat and avocados at aldi this evening but it should last me about 2 weeks. I was very excited when I was measuring out the ground turkey and realized I could make 5 4oz burgers per container. a 1.2 lb (18oz) container of lean ground turkey at aldi is $3.29. that breaks down to about $0.66 a burger!  (it’s the little things people.)  I made two batches (10 burgers total) and put them in the freezer.  the first batch was, what I anticipate to be delicious, sesame crusted burgers. yum!

4oz of meat

6-8 tbs sesame seeds

1 tbs garlic powder

1tbs Italian seasoning

looking forward to eating these in a couple of days!

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