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Eccentric Bench Day 

I’m incorporating cardio into my workouts now 5 times a week. thankfully it’s only 18-20 minutes right now but I assume that will increase slowly but surely. powerlifter so not Cardio so my endurance is pretty low at the moment. I’m also adding abs 4 days a week. I wake up in time to get the cardio and abs out of the way before work because the gym I powerlift at 3 days a week do not have cardio machines! it feels good to wake up early and get the blood flowing; it leaves me feeling energized! it also helps me get a jump start on the 1.5 gallons of water I’m supposed to drink every day. diet has been going well! feeling mentally strong and extremely motivated.
yesterday’s weight lifting workout was eccentric bench with light weight and high reps for accessories. it’s working out well with my bodybuilding training program. warm up with tbar rows and dumbbell bench

bench for a 5 second count 115x4x4

incline dumbbell bench press 20x4x10 to 15 reps

laying overhead tricep extensions 15x4x10

tricep pull downs 4×10 to 12

face pulls 4×20

5×5 banded pull ups

4×20 trx rows

rolled out with the ex wife

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