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Machine-Friendly Workout

Last night I went to spend time with my good friend from high school. Usually she cooks us both dinner but I’m staying true to my nutrition program! The gym eventually became the point of conversation (shocker) and she mentioned she was feeling motivated to get back in a workout routine after the holidays but finds it hard to get a good workout without a gym partner. She is a young woman who recently started her first teaching job and travels to see her boyfriend in D.C. every couple of weekends; very busy lady! Yet her and her boyfriend find time to go to the gym when they are together, hashtag fit couple. I’m very proud of her and her fitness journey so far!
An important tip is to have a plan before going to the gym. You should know what muscle group you are working out that day, how much cardio you want to do, and if you will include abs or not. Then think of a couple exercises you would like to do. If someone is on the machine you planned on using or it’s too crowded, there are always alternative options and most exercises can be modified so don’t use that as an excuse to skip something!

I told her I would be happy to write a program for her. I made sure to ask if she were comfortable with free weights. I always try to accommodate what the person actually likes and I never force free weights on anyone. I want people to enjoy the workouts I make for them and actually do them! I can always make changes down the road.

Here is the three day split I sent her to help her stay motivated and to get in a routine. The program is machine friendly and I tried to incorporate only a couple free weight exercises until she feels more comfortable.


leg press

straight leg deadlift (barbell or Dumbbells)

squat with barbell or dumbbell

hamstring curl machine

lunges with Dumbbells 


assisted pull-ups

Lat pull downs

bicep curls (any variation. machine or free weights)

low rows (cable machine)

bicep alternating curls with dumbbells

push ups (progressive exercise; start with “girl push-ups” if needed. or incline push-ups are a great start) DO NOT SKIP


chest press machine

tricep pull downs

shoulder press

chest fly machine

tricep dips (assisted machine or bench)

shoulder push downs on assisted pullup machine

add abs 2-4 days and cardio 3 days a week at least for 20-30 min

One thought on “Machine-Friendly Workout

  1. Ah kitty!! I used the leg workout the other day and it was great! I can’t wait to try the other ones and get into a good routine again!! Thank you again!


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