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Water Challenge

Carrying around a gallon of water has proved to draw attention. (Clearly hydration is very near and dear to my heart.) As a result of the attention, it presents me with the opportunity to ask, “How much water do you drink a day?”Last year or even 6 months ago if you were to ask me how much water I drank a day, I could only guess. Maybe 2 or 3 bottles? It was something I was never extremely conscious of until more recently. a rule of thumb to figure out how many ounces of water to drink per day is to take your body weight, divide it by 2 and use that number for the number of ounces per day. If we were to use a 200 pound man as an example it would look like this: 200/2 = 100. So he should drink 100 ounces of water every day. And this is strictly water. Teas, Gatorade, coffee, etc does not count toward those 100 ounces.

So I am challenging you to increase your daily water consumption. Figure out how much you should be drinking a day and see how close you are to that amount. Way off or closer than you thought? A way to make this fun would be to write on or decorate your water containers. Write encouragements and reminders to keep you focused during the day. Pinterest has a ton of ideas! good luck and drink up!


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