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Encouragement to the “Resolutioners.”

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What is your new year’s resolution?  I want to set 16 goals for myself in 2016!  Number 1 on the Top 10 list for 2016 is spend more time with family and friends.  “Fit in Fitness” is a close second, coming in before quit smoking and get out of debt.  Check out for resolutions 3-10!  Is your resolution in the number two spot?

You may hear people complaining about the gym being crowded this week, but I’m all for the Resolutioners!  If you are one of them, I want to make a point to say GOOD JOB and to keep up the good work.  You just did the hardest part, which was getting there, so you are clearly motivated. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute,, the average number a gym member goes to the gym is twice a week.  A staggering 67% of people never use their gym membership. DON’T BE THAT PERSON.  Another fact from states most people don’t make it past the 5 month mark.  A crazy amount of Resolutioners (about 80%) are not using their membership by May.  The second point states that women are more likely to give up them men.  Joining the gym shows you are ready to make a lifestyle change, so don’t give up this year!

One way to get motivated and stay focused is to listen to music. explains how can help push a person through a tough session.  A personal playlist is a great way to keep the motivation going and the intensity high.  You can add all of your favorite songs at the moment, or just enough songs to time your workout.  If you average a 45 minute workout, try to make a 45 minute playlist – exercise until the music stops!  If you are having trouble thinking of songs, has free playlists.  For $10/month you can keep the songs you listen and download unlimited music.  Simply search “workout” or “cardio” and you are sure to find something that gets your heart rate up.  Powerlifting has gotten me into metal music recently!  I listen to Miss May I, Killswitch Engage and an oldie but goodie is Chrisis by Alexisonfire.   If you do not have Spotify, Pandora has a free option (with commercials) or just use Google.  I found this playlist of 41 songs that are sure to get anyone pumped! (  This is a great reference because it includes the Beats/Per Minute for each song.  Music is a powerful thing, you may be amazed at what a good playlist can do!

Before you go:

Which headphones are you?

  • Headphone-Free, “I’m here and open to conversation!”
  • Wireless Headphones that may say, “I’m on a mission” and don’t want distractions.  People know you’re serious when you don’t even carry your phone with you.
  • One-In, One-Out to tell others, “I’m open to a friendly exchange but I am staying in my zone.”
  • Big Headphones that scream, “DON’T TALK TO ME.” We all know that guy.
  • Both earplugs in and head down. This almost screams as loud as Big Headphones!

2 thoughts on “Encouragement to the “Resolutioners.”

  1. A lot of encouraging words for those who may be timid about going to the gym and for those who are already thinking of giving up! I’m glad you chose to include what music gets you motivated and gave places where readers can find new music because I honestly had no idea! I’m still old school with CDs and my iPod lol. Great post!


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