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Egg White Remix

I’m one full week into my figure competition prep! My nutrition program is set up to coordinate with my training program, where I have two off days each week. A couple of the meals vary slightly from training to off days, but not much. I still have egg whites and oats for breakfast and egg whites for meal 6 (M6) every day. Usually I drink a couple egg whites because there are almost too many to eat cooked, but if I’m feeling extra hungry after a late training session then I will eat every single one! My go-to has simply been to add hot sauce to my eggs for some flavor, but after drinking/eating over 100 egg whites this week, I’m already looking for alternative ways to eat them. There are only so many ways to eat egg whites, but as creative as I’ve gotten is the hot sauce (with the exception of last night) and there have to be other ways!

Last night I was having such a sweet tooth (I’ve stuck to my program 100% so far) and found a pumpkin cookie stash in the kitchen. Half way through the first one, I talked myself out of the rest and channeled my inner cookie monster into creating a healthier option. So I added vanilla extract, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and a dusting of dark cocoa powder to my M6 egg whites to nip the craving. It was just what I needed!



Side note: I’m allowed to have sweeteners such as Stevia but opt not to. Stevia is a natural sweetener but it’s also 40 times sweeter than sugar. When you consume Stevia, your body doesn’t care that you’re putting natural sugar in the body or not, it just knows “This is really sweet! There must be a lot of sugar.” “Why I Quit Stevia” is a great article that goes into more depth about why Stevia may not be as good as we are led to believe. Also give a listen to ATP Project Podcast “Is Your Pre-Workout Making You Fat?!” They explain [artificial sweeteners] and how the body reacts to them a lot better than I. After listening to this podcast, I look at all sweeteners differently! (I love everything about atpscience.) With that being said, if I do add something for sweetness I will add organic raw honey (I use Wholesome organic raw honey from Giant Eagle Market District) or pure maple syrup; just a drizzle!


The last two days I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find creative ways to eat egg whites. The rest of my diet can vary enough that it’s not too boring. I am allowed as much sodium as I want, so the spice cabinet is free range. Back to the egg whites, I’ve found some great recipes that I want to share with everyone and try out myself. I look forward to almost every meal, all 6 of them, but breakfast is my favorite. I could eat oatmeal every day! Which is a good thing because I will be for a few more months… anyways, I thought I was the first one to think up adding egg whites to oats instead of water but I was very wrong! I’m looking forward to trying some of the following breakfast options:

  • Whipped Oats With Egg Whites I’m excited to try this one! The whipped consistency will be a nice texture change.
  • grab-go-egg-white-bites I like this idea for on the go, or if I simply don’t feel like cooking breakfast before work. I could probably have as many as I want, then drink the remaining egg whites I didn’t eat in mini-muffin form.
  • Cinnamon Egg Puffs seriously LOVE these! I have tried these and have already made them a time or two since. I don’t have xanthan gum but it’s still good without. An absolute guilt-free snack.
  • Egg White Oat Pancake mm, I also love pancakes.

** I also had to share this awesome blog I found for Protein Ice cream. She has many recipes to choose from and prep-approved options! I love ice cream (I love a lot of things) so this is basically life changing. **

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