Do You Cardio, Bro?


Many people have a love/hate relationship with cardio. I know I do! I’ve never been a distance runner, but a few years ago I trained for a half marathon and did a few other races. Surprisingly I was growing to like it, and running a couple miles turned into an easy thing instead of a miserable thing. But then I got out of the habit. I actually stopped going to the gym all together for over a year before I got back into it. That was 2 years ago and now I’m back to not being a distance runner.

Since I am training for a figure competition over the next 15 weeks, I am getting back into a cardio routine. Now I do 25 minutes for 5 days a week and it is HARD. (Powerlifters do NOT do cardio. like ever.) So if you despise cardio, trust me, I feel your pain. But I’m writing this to suggest some other forms of cardio that maybe you haven’t thought of yet! Cardio is extremely important for cardiovascular health. Read about some of the benefits here. has a great article with some fun ideas also! They have an easier or harder option for each of their 9 ideas for those just starting or for those ready for a challenge. We can make excuses for lifting weights, but you can do cardio anywhere, so nice try. If you are not an indoor person, do sprints on the football field or run around the bases on a softball field. Go for a long hike or bike ride on a hilly trail. If you are an indoor person but get bored on the treadmill, try some sprint intervals on the basketball court, use the stairs, or you could checkout this training circuit I made for my client last night! You can modify it or make your own variation with different exercises. The whole reason for this workout is to keep your heart rate up and the blood pumping. We actually only had time to get through the first one, it was tougher than she thought it would be! (*Pat on the back for me.*)

step ups 20 sec

side shuffle with band 20 sec

modified incline burpees 20 sec

rest 60 sec

5 rounds (10 min total)


ankle touches 20 sec

body weight squat 20 sec

incline push ups 20 sec

rest 60 sec

5 rounds (10 min total)

Cardio doesn’t have to be done on a machine; it doesn’t have to be for an hour. If you are trying to lose fat, I suggest a 20-30 minute circuit (machine or not) of high intensity interval training (HITT.) Keep your heart rate up and the intensity high and you will see results!

Side note: you will see results if you also weight train and eat healthy, cardio can’t do it alone.

2 thoughts on “Do You Cardio, Bro?

  1. I prefer a mixture of lifting, running and yoga. I lean towards more the cardio than the strength training and yoga is a nice way to strengthen and stabilize while stretching the muscles running like to seize up. Mixing it up keeps it from getting dull!


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