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10 Tips on How to Meal Prep for a Weekend

this weekend is Lexie’s, my best friend, sisters birthday! being that Erica is only a year younger than us, we’ve been friends since I’ve been hanging out with lex, which is a long ass time. Erica and a group of friends go to Deep Creek every year go and have an awesome girls weekend of skiing/snowboarding, partying and enjoying each other’s company. alexis and I tag along of course.still sticking to my brogram, (I meant program, but I like the typo better! HA,) I made sure to bring my meals for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. I also switched my off day from the gym from my usual Friday to Saturday because I’m too cheap to pay $20 to go to the gym in Deep Creek. (which is ridiculous regardless but what can you do.)

last night we arrived late and stopped by the cabin to drop the food off and so I could heat up my eggs to take to dinner. TALK ABOUT A STRUGGLE. as soon as we walk in all I see are homemade cookies. it was like tunnel vision. when I finally took my food goggles off I see all the candy, chips and cake too. is this what torture is like? I’ve been going strong since January 1st and refuse to be thrown off my game only two solid weeks in to my prep. so I resisted …okay I did try a piece of a cookie, and admitting it makes me feel a little better. (check out PBandLaurenKelly’s blog about food guilt posted December 21st.)

otherwise I stayed strong and took my egg whites to dinner. it’s all about mental toughness at this point. actually the whole 16 weeks of prep is about mental toughness. and that’s a huge part as to why I am doing a competition, for mental strength. although I’m learning there is a fine line between being mentally strong or just plain crazy!

I don’t anticipate Saturday holding too many temptations because I honestly don’t crave the junk food yet. don’t get me wrong I LOVE JUNK FOOD but it doesn’t even appeal to me at this point. I think the post m-workout protein shake and banana help curb a lot of my cravings. (I will be doing a short post on my most recent shake that I have had all week.) oh and gum. lots of gum. it also helps that Lexie is a healthy eater too so I won’t find myself in situations with too many temptations. Sunday morning will be easy because I like my brogram breakfast, and I’ll be hitting the road super early so bye-bye Sugar Devil!

10 Tips on How to Prep for a Weekend:

1.  precook your food.

I baked egg white breakfast cups and also tried to make a healthy version of carrot cake bites my friend sent mea recipe for. they weren’t quite sweet enough and fell apart, but I will post the recipe when they are blog-worthy. I also pre cooked my protein and veggies. 

2.  take a cooler or lunchbag with an ice pack. 

I bet you can eat all of your meals cold if you need to. I use this lunchbox every day! 

3.  portion out all of your meals and label them.

sometimes I get confused of the order or combination of meals, so I did this and also printed out my meal plan. 

4.  have your meals in to-go bags or containers.

bags are good if you don’t have much room, just make sure they don’t spill! 

5.  DONT pack snacks

you are already eating 6 times a day. you can go 2-3 hours without snacking in between meals. RESIST. the easiest way to do that is to not pack anything other than meals 1-6.

6.  stay away from the kitchen. 

out of sight, out of mind!!

7.  take a case of water or a couple gallons. 

8.  don’t forget your supplements!

I love any reason to use my little vitamin container. it’s the little things in life. 

9.  rearrange your gym schedule, find a local gym, or bring some at-home exercise equipment (resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells and ankle weights.)

10.  you could obviously schedule your cheat meal or refeed day to coordinate with your weekend, I’m just not at the point to do so yet. 

I also brought my food scale, along with my TBS to count egg whites, and a carton of egg whites. 

I think I covered every excuse I could think of, so anything other than following your brogram when you are away from home actually doesn’t exist.

if you have other prep tips or ideas please share!

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