Eccentric Deadlift Training

Today was a great day!  I spent the weekend with my friends and enjoyed truly enjoyed myself; it was exactly what I needed!

This morning I woke up at 6am so I could make the 2 hour drive back home.  I try to keep my sleeping schedule the same through the weekend as it is through the week so my meals stay on track.  Sometimes I’ll wake up for breakfast, eat, then go back to sleep if I’m tired enough, but that’s only happened on one occasion so far.

I got home with time to spare so I decided to stop at the gym on my way to meet my friends for breakfast to get my 25 minutes of cardio in.  I felt so energetic today!  A very good feeling after feeling so tired this week, probably from waking up for cardio before work… I could have gone for another half hour, but breakfast was calling!

I packed my breakfast to take with me.  Thinking ahead, I ate my usual M2 for breakfast so I could enjoy my eggs and oatmeal with everyone else.  Then we went to Costco to stock up on some bulk items!  I got 10lb frozen chicken, 4 or 5 lb of talapia, asparagus, bananas, egg whites, and 10 lb of oatmeal all for $73!  I should be set for the next two weeks, with the exception of oatmeal – I’m basically good for the rest of my life.  I’ve already prepped the veggies, chicken and talapia.  Now i’m not sure if it’s just me, or how I cooked the fish (baked) but it is SUPER fishy.  Usually I buy them individually frozen but I bought fresh this time and it is very potent.  It calls for lots of hot sauce. OH, I got that today too!

conventional vs sumo

So after my grocery run I went straight to powerlifting.  Today is my 3rd full week of eccentric training.  I will still keep the 5 count for my powerlifts through the 9 weeks, but the accessories will change every three weeks.  So today I usually stay between 210# and 240# for my working sets (4×3) but today I was feeling VERY strong.  The strongest I’ve felt since my meet in December if not before that honestly.

I started my working set at 225 after a good stretch and warm up, then moved up to 245 still feeling good.  My third working set was 255 still feeling pretty smooth and concentrating on not hyper extending my back at the top.  One of the guys I lift with said that was the best my form had looked and that I should go for my last set at 265.  This is mind blowing to me because just 6 weeks ago I set my new deadlift PR at 285×1, and today I did 3 reps at about 90% max.  That’s crazy!  Granted, myself and everyone else knows I could have easily pulled 300# at my meet, and since I’m still a beginner I will keep seeing quick improvements and PR often, but it’s always nice to SEE your progress.  So 265 was heavy but still moved as well as my other sets, so I ended today on a good note.  I wanted to throw 315 on the bar after that and just kill a new single PR, but maybe in another 3 weeks.  TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY.

Accessory work:

4×10 good mornings

(this is a great video and channel.)

4×10 reverse hypers

4×10 single leg RDL with kettlebell

4×15 kettle bell swings

4×15 single leg hamstring curls

pulled 95# on the sled to finish the workout.

Also got rolled out by the ex wife.  MUCH NEEDED.

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