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Chillin With No Makeup On

disclaimer:boys, I feel the need to inform you that unless you just want some feminine insight, keep reading!
the last two weeks I have been waking up before work to do cardio. I’m up to 25 minutes 5 days a week, and knowing myself, I need to get it in before work because the chances of me doing it either before or after my workout is super slim.  pre-work cardio (PWC) = waking up at 430am on a good day or 5am when I’m pushing my luck.

[PWC tips:]

  • wear your gym clothes to sleep and leave a coat on the bed so you can literally roll out from under the covers. 
  • brush your teeth when the car is warming up (winter is finally here!) and roll out. it’s all about multitasking. takes me a total of 10 minutes.
  • naturally have your gym bag with work clothes and meals packed so you can grab and go

BOOM. always have a system. 
in the process of PWC I have stopped wearing makeup to work. the first week I took the minimum (foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil) and made sure I had time, approximately 7 minutes, to do my makeup before my carpool arrived. then one day this week I didn’t even bother. my skin felt so good after my shower I was thought to myself “I’ll give my skin a break for a change.” same thing Tuesday and Wednesday I stopped even bringing my makeup with me. Five full days I haven’t worn makeup and it feels awesome.  this is very unlike me so I was trying to think of reasons I haven’t been wearing it. 

  • saves time. but I have been making the time to do it, so that can’t be it. 
  • drinking so much water has helped my skin.  this I find highly likely. I still have blemishes and dirty pores, but my skin feels soft, less oily and my skin tone is more even which usually doesn’t happen in the winter.
  • not using social media constantly.  this I think could be a subconscious affect. I’m not comparing myself to anyone other than myself or friends I see in person. and the people I see every day are people at work or at the gym, and no one in either place is trying to impress anyone.

a few weeks ago I wouldn’t even leave my house without makeup. now I feel confident without it. when was the last time some of you ladies didn’t wear makeup?  

2 thoughts on “Chillin With No Makeup On

  1. I think it’s a very healthy thing to do, learning to love yourself without makeup. I never wear makeup unless I’m going on date-night or to meet friends for coffee/drinks. I work from home so I’m always without makeup during work-hours and definitely when I work out. I hate working out with makeup.


    1. I couldn’t agree more!! I’m feeling more confident without it and it’s so relieving. I can tell from your picture you are a natural beauty, Sophie! you’ve encouraged me to wear makeup less.

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