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Thought Process

I plan on adding all links later but I want to post this so badly I couldn’t wait to get home to finish editing it! so bear with me…
first I want to thank everyone who commented on my recent post. I’m new to the blogging community, but knowing I can ask a question and receive genuine responses is amazing to me, so thank you.

the comments I received truly had an impact on how I went through my thought process to come to a pretty big life decision.

for those who did not read my referenced post, I am considering quitting my job after four years. my first and only “big girl” job. it’s a really tough decision for me because I like the structure of working at the same time Monday through Friday and knowing exactly how much my check will be every two weeks. the paid vacation and benefits are obviously a huge plus. but should having all of that security be a reason for me, or anyone else for that matter, to stay at a job I don’t like?

the other day I talked to the manager/owner of the gym I work at part time to see if I could make X amount of money working there “full time.” Full time would mean a full schedule of clients. 99% of the time they are one hour sessions. (we offer half hour sessions but those are rarely sold.) so I would need to have over 30 sessions a week. his thought process:

  1. if you want it, go for it. simply as that. the job is what I make it. I am in control of whether I am successful or not.

now he did go over our top trainers earnings (with permission) and proved that there is certainly potential to earn more than my minimum requirement. granted that is an example from the trainer who is number one in sales almost every month, but it is possible at our gym; it’s just a matter of pushing myself to get to the top. chasing leads, getting clients results, selling myself, are things I have little experience in, but something I know I can do. especially when my income depends on it.

my thought process:

  1. it’s now or never.
  2. if I stay with my full time job, I won’t be able to train anymore because of a shift change and possible overtime.
  3. if I’m going to take a pay cut, I’m at the point in my life when I am able to do so.
  4. I have a back up plan to the back up plan.
  5. I do have a savings account, and I talked to a financial advisor about rolling over my 401k.
  6. I won’t have benefits but I can be put on my dads for a few more years. (this was a possible deal breaker until I realized I could be on my parents until I’m 26.)

yesterday it seemed like everything was pointing me in the direction to follow my heart.

my friend that I wrote a program for texted me with some positive feedback,

encouraging **blogs**, Anna Jensen Brown | A life in story

my brother sent me a random motivational video ,

and my mom send me an inspiring quote.

I also heard from an old friend that was so encouraging! she made me feel stronger in my decision.

I realize that either decision I make is going to force me out of my comfort zone. so it comes down to me deciding if I want to be forced into Collections, or forced in to Sales in the place I believe I want to be in anyways. the choice is mine, and that thought of power over my life gives me hope that everything will be okay.

it is scary starting a new job. but you have to dive in head first and give it 110%. I know if I don’t make the leap I will regret it, and life is too short for regrets.

2 thoughts on “Thought Process

  1. Kitty, you’re going to be great at whatever you do! And like you said, you’re young and it’s now or never! Don’t worry about all of the ‘what ifs’. I know you’ll be able to make the money you need to one way or another. Decide which job you’ll truly enjoy more and get more out of.


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