Next Phase

It’s been a busy weekend and I’m excited to get back in the grove of posting more, and catching up on my blogging101 assignments.  What a great thing it has been for my blog and myself!

I wanted to quickly post an update on my eccentric training program.  This is the fourth full week of doing eccentric training for the power lifts and I’m feeling stronger already.  Today began the next phase of the program where i will be focusing on pauses in my lifts.  I incorporated the new phase into my deadlifts today.  I did light weight at 135 for a partial pull 4 sets of doubles.  The pins were set in the rack above my bar hitting about knee height.  Next time i do these i will stand on a couple pads because ideally I don’t want the bar to hit the pins at or above my knee.  We also had to rig the plates on the bar to sit out far enough not to hit the bottom of the rack.  Next week i will share pictures and videos.

So summary:

135x4x2 pulls against the pins (i used straps and this is only beneficial if you pull as fast and as hard as you can.  When some of the guys did this program they were literally lifting the squat rack because they were pulling so hard!)

Accessories stayed mostly the same keeping with more of a bodybuilding style with more sets and higher reps.

front squats 95x4x6

good mornings 95x4x15

reverse hyperextentions 4×10

single leg RDL 25x4x10 each

single banded hamstring curl minix4x15

pulled the sled for about 200 yards (3 plates)

rolled out by the ex wife

I felt good today and had some energy!  Feeling strong but already feeling sore in my back from those pulls.

comment if you have questions!  I’m looking forward to benching this week.

p.s. speaking of bench, i still need to strengthen my back (always trying to get stronger!) so Casey gave me a workout to add to my weekly program:

100 reps rear delt (examply pull aparts)

100 facepulls

100 rows

and 50 assisted pullups


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