January Favorites

Here it is!  My first post to my new blog feature – my Favorites of the month of January.  I am introducing this once a month to my blog to collect all of my new favorite things each month and share them with you!  ENJOY.

RECIPE:  Baked oats and egg white breakfast (sweet or savory)
my new breakfast addiction. check out the savory recipe here. I made chocolate baked oats too which was a half cup rolled oats soaked over night in 1 cup of egg whites. I added vanilla extract, cinnamon and a little dark cocoa powder (all to-taste.). I also put 1/4 tsp baking powder as well and in the morning I gave it a good shake. after spraying a shallow pan, I bake it on 350F for about 15-20 minutes.



I found this article super helpful with the difference between using baking powder and baking soda!  I always thought they were pretty much the same; but that is not the case!

Fiesta ranch mix from Aldi.
great find on my way through the checkout line! marked down to $0.59 a pack, I only bought two. but after using a package to flavoring my turkey burgers I’m going back for more!  a whole pack is 80 calories and 16 carbs, I made 5 burgers with it so it is additional carbs but roughly 3 each burger (3oz.) I cut up green onions as well and made lettuce bun burgers with rice and avocado.

EXERCISEcable bicep curls superset with push-ups has been a must in my arm-day routine. use the handle attachments and bring the cables to the top of the machine. hold a handle on each hand and flex your hand to your ear (cue: pinky to ear) for 10-15 reps and super set into 10 push-ups. try to go 5 rounds!


Go-To Album: Crisis by Alexisonfire.
I’ve been killing my cardio to this 5 days a week. the first song I heard from them was “Boiled Frogs” and was hooked. listen to that one first to see if it’s your kind of gym music.

IMG_4540I recently subscribed to Alan Thrall’s YouTube channel.
he has a great personality and is very knowledgeable about fitness and resistance training. he explains lifts and technique very well so if you’re having trouble with form he might be your guy.



I love the ATP Project Podcast!
a supplement company based out of Australia hosts a podcast that uses science to explain human reactions.  their products are also all natural. I highly recommend their products – check them out!



2 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. I started my morning with my favorite blogger! Your “favorites ” is a nice addition to your blog. I am going to check out your suggestions and try the recipe. Versatility is good!


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