Contest Prep

SHOulder Stopper

contest prep update: current weight is at 141.8 this morning. I started at January 1st at 147!

breakfast this morning was a change because I took the day off, so had extra time to try making some French toast. it was AMAZING. simply 2 slices of plain Ezekiel bread (I honestly used sesame because that’s all I have.). I thawed it in the fridge over night, now that I think about – it not sure if that’s the best idea? because it comes frozen, but it tasted fine to me! so we won’t worry about that detail. I sprayed both slices with Pam Butter spray and soaked up the egg whites with cinnamon and vanilla. a cup of egg whites had a little excess but just enough! a little cinnamon to top it off and a drizzle of maple syrup. FANTASTIC. filling and delicious. 

last night I did my shoulder program. body building is HARD. especially when you’re used to 5 reps being a set and only doing 3 or 4 sets total. a fellow trainer at the gym, Terry, modified my program a little. I felt the pump!  body building is about sculpting the body. I’m excited to see more changes in my physique!

started with dumbell lateral raises, and lots of them. sets of 25 with light weight. I did maybe 7 or 8 sets. Terry helped explain the movement to isolate my delta best and a helpful tip he gave me was to feel the contraction both up and down. so keep a good pace and a constant contraction each reputation. made a huge difference!

second exercise was 100 face pulls on the lat pull down cable machine with the rope attachment. again keeping a good pace and feeling a constant contraction. 

next was seated dumbbell shoulder press.  these I came down a little further than I normally do and didn’t fully extend at the top. it’s not about doing full reps it’s about hitting the muscles correctly. I’m not completely sure how many reps or sets but probably 6 or 7 sets of 25-30 reps (with assistance.)  I started with 15s then dropped the last two sets to 10s. 

I did a variation of a rear delt row with a straight small bar. flat back completely parellel to the floor holding the bar with a wide grip and keeping elbows out while pulling the bar to your chin. 100 reps of these too. the last set was the best because I widened my grip and focused on keeping the elbows out as much as I could. feeling it today!

last exercise was about 6 or 7 sets of  seated front hammer raises 25 reps each. after that I was toast. 

there’s pros and cons to online coaches and one obvious con is that she can’t correct what I’m doing. so if you know someone with experience in bodybuilding let them show you some techniques and variations and see if that works for you. 

any suggestions, comments or advice is much appreciated!

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