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Check Out My Vlog

For the next 8 weeks of my prep, I plan on vlogging updates and adding the videos to my YouTube channelVlogging is a video blog for those that are wondering.  Basically just videoing my posts instead of typing them out.  I’ll try not to be redundant between the two.  I really just want whoever watches my videos to get to know who I am a little better. I honestly made a channel so my grandpa could watch my videos; then me and John were saying we should start vlogging at the gym and car rides because we are fucking hilarious, and I kind of took the idea seriously.  So yesterday I decided, why the fuck not?

I love blogging though, so I will continue to track my workouts and share recipes on here.  I think utilizing YouTube will be fun and a little more interactive, so I’m excited to try it for the next couple months!  I already have my first subscriber and received my first Comment today!  Please go watch my last 2 videos (yesterday and today.)  I have no idea how to edit anything yet, so bare with me until I figure it out!


My workouts the 2 days:

Thursday, February 25

Cardio: 30 min on/off


Warmed up a lot because the gym is cold. Still felt tight. I can tell my body fat is decreasing! I had two shirts and two pairs of pants on and I couldn’t get my hips warmed up much. The weight felt super heavy today so didn’t go as heavy as I wanted but everyone has those days!

Squats 155x3x5

Leg press 4 sets

Kettlebell swings

Lunges with 15 kettlebells

I could definitely tell I was deprived of carbs that I’m used to having. Felt extremely tired and exhausted and my mind was foggy. Called it a day once I knew I wasn’t having a productive workout.

Friday, February 26



100 reps on the weighted ab crunch machine

3 trisets of calves on the smith machine

100 reps of leg extensions (trying to make up for yesterday) supersetted with decline sit ups

I slept in today until 9 and took the day off cardio. It felt good to take a break from the treadmill and I had was allowed carbs for meals 2 and 3.  If you want to know what my meals consist of comment below and I will make a more specific post of what I am currently eating.  I’m feeling so much better already!

P.S. I bought flaxseed oil today and put a couple teaspoons over my rice,  I want to put it on everything! 




foam rolling. I have been rolling religiously this month, and will continue to do so. self myofascial release is an amazing technique to use. rollers can be made out of different types of materials.  I found for beginners, start with a soft foam before moving on to a harder foam. the more you roll, the harder the roller will have to be because you’re muscle tissue will eventually get used to whatever material you are rolling out with. I’ve used pvc pipe and, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a weighted steel roller (aka The Ex Wife.)  all of my clients know how to roll out their backs, legs, and IT bands, including shins and calves. I do this before stretching when I’m warming up and after my workouts every day. it helps a lot with DOMS and is great for post cardio as well.

single leg RDL. an exercise I include every Deadlift Sunday and in each of my clients programs. it’s awesome for hamstrings, muscle imbalance and balance in general. I usually teach this exercise with a 12 pound kettlebell and do 4 sets of 10 reps each leg. it also hits the lower back, especially when you start to use heavier weight!

maple bacon cookies. NEED I SAY MORE! (aka heaven.) I stocked up after Walmart clearances these to $1 a bag.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong with these.  I take cookies very seriously.

mccormicks chipotle sea salt blend. I put this on pretty much everything! I’m not a salt person, but when my eggs need a lil sumsum this is my go to.

turmeric. MY FAVORITE SEASONING. it offers a ton of health benefits. I add it to veggies and chicken. it has a subtle sweeter flavor thank I expected, it’s mild and yummy.

megsquats YouTube channel. Meg is the shit. she’s a strong and beautiful powerlifter that is prepping for the Arnold Classic the first weekend of March and puts up videos regularly. she is one of my new favorite subscriptions.
new music Friday playlist. updated every week, this playlist on Spotify has the best music and a lot of variety. just make sure if you like a song to save it to your music! or you may never find it again.
nutrient timing article. I found this article to be very insightful. I think it’s important to do your research and keep up with the forever changing opinions of nutrition techniques. but also learn what works best for YOU. everyone is different. there’s so much information out here and many ways to do things, so learn yourself and how your body reacts to certain tricks. check out this article!

Already 2 months into the new year, can you believe it?!

What are some of your favorites this month??

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hey guys! yesterday was crazy busy. it started at 530 am with my favorite breakfast! unfortunately that will be coming to an end this weekend; we will get to that part soon!!

my 6 am client killed it as usual. she’s awesome and is willing to push and sweat! now we just need to clean up her nutrition and she will have an amazing transformation by summer!  I did my cardio after our session and went back to my new home to prep for the day.

already fueling back up with m2 I shower and relax a little bit. I catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions and make two very exciting purchases:

  1. an airplane ticket to myrtle beach in June AND I got the $50 rebate so it cost me about $32 to fly back to Pittsburgh (1 way.)
  2. I BOUGHT MY SUIT!!!!!!! I got a great deal on eBay. its not customized or anything, but it’s pretty and I think it will compliment my completion well. you have to wait a bit to see it though!!  since this is my first show I didn’t want to invest $300 in a bikini, but if I continue with competing I will reconsider buying a cheap vs customized suit next time.

I’m going with my best friend and our mutual friends to the beach, and our original plan was to meet at an airport an hour away from me to get a deal from Pittsburgh to the beach, which you could only get by buying the one way ticket in this particular airport with this specific airline. so I ran and got my groceries, washed and vacuumed my car, stopped at cool beans on my way through Pittsburgh and got to the airport around 3pm. I beat Julie and her boyfriend, Steve, so I went ahead and bought my ticket. $85 total; so for round trip the cost was about $115. but Julie told me the ticket should have been $60, so it turned out I drove an hour there and an hour and a half back (with traffic) to save.. THREE DOLLARS. which I spent in gas and tolls getting there plus 2.5 hours of unproductive time.  thankfully I had the time to spare! and lesson learned.

I went straight to the gym on my way back to get a head start. I arrived at 5pm and stretched really well. my calves are knotted up from running more and my hamstrings were super tight from Sunday still.

February 23


100 pull aparts

50 banded pull ups

warm up db bench

floor press with chains 5×8 quarter plates

tricep extension 15x4x15

banded push downs 4×15 red mini

rolled out CALVES. I almost cried but my calves are pain free today!

I left the gym around 7 to get back home to make dinner for myself, the roomies, and my friend Marisa.  I made an awesome stir fry with ground turkey!  the whole meal for 5 servings cost about $6 from aldi. they have awesome frozen veggie stir fry bags for 2.99. I heated the sauce separately to keep it prep friendly.

I had one more meal to eat; I ended up just drinking a cup of egg whites because it was getting late and I had another 6am client this morning!

I already have my cardio and back/rear delt workout in for the day and it’s only 8:45 am!

February 24


low row 55


Lat pull down 55x5x15 slow and focused

face pull downs with row bar 40x4x25

Hammer strength – back. heavy single pull downs 1 platex8 reps

rear delt flies 10x4x15

in other exciting news, I start a new meal plan this weekend. more to come on that. 8 weeks out!!!

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Deload (7th and final day)

I always go up to LA Fitness and meet my friend bob for an upper body workout. he’s trained a lot of track athletes, and is a school record holder at his college for track himself. it’s a different type of workout but he gets people results. I love training a different style with him. it is definitely more bodybuilder and explosive type workouts. we focused on working some fast twitch muscles by controlling the eccentric and really trying to be explosive with the concentric. 

95 bench 5×5//superset with 25 Dumbbells 15×5

and doing a set of 8 pull ups after the superset

incline bench for 8 reps at 65 pounds//super setting again with 25 Dumbbells for 10 reps. sets of pull ups ran into the incline supersets. I did 7×8 pull-ups! with bobs hand on my back for a little assistance. I really feel like I can see the creatine working. 

low rows 40x4x25 (last set burned out with 40 reps so 115 reps total) //superset with 25 tricep dips (105 total)

burned out biceps with 10 sets of 10 with a 30 pound EZ bar. 

needed with about 100 reps or so of decline sit-ups. 

I did a half hour of 1 minute on 1 minute off for cardio earlier in the morning. I like it so much better than steady state for 50 minutes!

I’m still weighing about 138 but the creatine I’m taking (monohudrate) is known for causing water retention. I’m taking it for the next four weeks and at that point I will be 1 month away from my very first figure show!!


Pumpkin Craisin Pancakes

every season is pumpkin season!!

apparently Walmart disagrees because they clearances pumpkin spice chips for $2.00 and I had to get a bag. 

I’m currently in the process of moving into a new apartment but I came back to my dads house strictly so I could make these in the morning, since I left the essential ingredients behind. 

Pumpkin Craisin Cookies

3 egg whites separated

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/4 cup quick steel cut oats

1 scoop vanilla protein

1/4 tsp baking soda

pumpkin pie spice to taste

craisins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spice morsels (cook’s discretion )

topped with agave

makes three delicious pancakes. 


I tried the quick steel cut oats for a change (compared to old fashioned or regular quick oats) and was pleasantly surprised with the difference. it gave them more of a grainy texture and reminded me of whole grain pancakes, I’m sure those are a thing. 

the craisins added to and broke up the pumpkin flavor and the pumpkin seeds kept it from being too sweet. 

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t finish all of it, but I gave it my best shot! and I’m feeling locked and loaded for deadlifts today. 


So Much For Squat Delaod… (day 5)

before I start, I’m just going to skip to the very end and say I squatted 320# last night!

okay so taking it from the beginning:

thursday is squat day. I’m so sore because the previous day I lifted calves for the first time basically ever and did a weighted ab exercise I hadn’t done for probably 4 years. I was feeling pretty beat up and just over all tired. I went to the gym without a plan or strategy other than I knew I was going to roll out and stretch very well and squat light. two other guys from the group were there, John W and Joe, box squatting on the monolift in their briefs.  Casey came eventually just to watch and help out because he’s on a weight break for the next four weeks or so. there were a couple other people there too, just your typical night at the bar.

Sidenote:  Mark Bell’s YouTube channel has a couple different box squat videos for more reference.  I love his channel!  You can also find others, simply search “Box Squat.”

loaded Elitefts monolift

i decided just to do 6-8 sets of doubles at 135 and focus on form and staying tight. also keeping speed out of the hole. weight felt light so that’s good!  I moved on to leg press for 4 sets and the guys are just finishing their box squats and Joe asks me if I want to try his briefs.  (This video isn’t showing the exact ones we used, but it does show you a little bit about them and how you have to put them on.)  Of course I said yes, I will put them on. they’re a couple sizes too big (joes got about 60 pounds on me) but once I wedged them up they were definitely tight. not as tight as they should be, but enough to make a difference.


once I had them on I was just like “alright these are cool.” and that was that. but they stripped all the plates off the mono except one on each side and left the box and told me to actually give them a try. I throw John’s belt on and tried the weight for a couple. they helped even though they were pretty big! before you know it were adding weight for triples and then doubles. then were sitting at 270# for a single. keep in mind, my max squat ever is 250 and that was with reverse bands at the very end of November. at my meet in December I only got 230# for my squat. I wasn’t wearing briefs but still! making a big jump in weight here in 3 months.


so I do 270 no problem.  Check out my YouTube channel.  I don’t know how to edit anything yet but you can see each lift.

280  (YouTube video)

and we skip 290 and go straight to 300! Casey said might as well make he 20 pound jump because “it’s either there or it’s not.” he was right.

300 still not too bad so we go for one more rep.

320. *jumping up and down* who would have thought that!  Especially while training for a figure show that’s getting closer by the day (9 weeks out.)  I know it surprised everyone, including myself.  This shows how much powerlifting can be a team sport.  Everyone was there supporting me, pushing me and cheering me on.  It’s an amazing feeling and a special thing to have.  I’m really thankful I got in to this sport.

I just finished up with some accessories and called my grandpa on the way home about my lifts because he used to powerlift back in the day.  I told my dad as soon as I got home “i squatted 320 tonight!”  He said, “I know.”  What the heck haha!  Casey already put up a video of it on Instagram.  Check him out too!  Strongest MFer I know.  thecaseywilliams is his Instagram.

If you got through this whole post, you’re awesome.  I hope you watched the videos!  More to come.  STAY STRONG!


What I did Wednesday:

Happy hump day!  I thought it’d be nice to switch it up and make a more personal post instead of just my typical workout posts.  Obviously my day revolves around fitness but there is more to it than that! …sort of.

Today my morning began around 6am.  I had my things set out for morning cardio, but after my post yesterday I did a little more research and decided it’s not a strategy that will get me the results I wanted, plus I get to sleep in!  I got up and made my breakfast (yes, still savory oats) and sat down to eat while catching up on some emails and text messages.  Oscar, my Brussels griffen, was curled up in my lap enjoying the early morning cuddle.  I cleaned up my dishes and the rest of the kitchen around 7.

I got my posing practice in before heading to the gym.  Right now I’m holding each quarter-turn pose for 30 seconds and making sure to smile the whole time.  The heels aren’t as hard to walk in as I thought thank god… I logged a couple workouts and before I know it I’m packing my gym bag again for another day in the life.

My first client isn’t coming in until 10am so I did 30 minutes of HIIT, abs, and an awesome shoulder workout in by 930.  Today is the first day seeing noticeable results from the creatine.  It’s been 6 days since I started taking it so I’m excited to see what progress comes in the next few weeks.  I plan on taking it for about 4 more weeks.  A shower and meal later my first client, Alex came in.  We had a tough leg workout, broke a sweat and I got another round of abs in with him.

Our gym gets cleaned every day.  Between 3 full time trainers and our manager, we clean the whole thing top to bottom and take pride in it.  Today I had to mop, which felt like another workout after doing shoulders not long before!  I finish up just in time for Carly, my second client of the day.  We focused on biceps and triceps and I am confident she will be sore tomorrow!  Two clients down and two to go, but I have a pretty big gap until my next one at 430pm.  During this time I’m making calls, working on my blog, writing a program and checking nutrition of my evening clients and whatever other research needs done.  Next week I’m doing a nutrition class, “How to Read a Food Label” and a “Powerlifting 101” class, so I will be getting organized for that between clients today as well.  I also talk to gym members a lot.  That actually fills a lot of my time!  I’m a social butterfly and I love it.

Shirley has been sick for the past couple weeks so we will do some circuit training, and her daughter, Jess, comes in right after that then I’m done for the day!

I hang around the gym for a bit a socialize some more.  I pinch my friend, Kirby, so we can start monitoring her body fat the next couple weeks and finally head home! Well, that was my initial plan, before meeting my friend at a local restaurant to catch up with free drinks from her bartender boyfriend.  But it was snowing kind of bad and I didn’t want to go home and come right back in this weather so I hung out until 8 at the gym then met her.  Not a bad night!  I could only stay for an hour or so because I had to get home to eat my sixth and final meal of the day:  6 egg whites.  I’ve been using real egg whites and it’s funny how I can taste the difference between pasteurized egg whites and the real ones.

Contest Prep life is exactly that; a way of life.  Everything revolves around workouts, cardio and your meals.  I am now used to carry around a lunch box and water bottles.  Packing my meals and gym bag every night.  Cooking a couple nights a week, the same things over and over and trying to come up with creations to keep my stomach happy.  It’s not easy but I love it and I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m still able to find a balance and go out with my friends.  I still go out to eat every Sunday morning for my friends’ cheat meals, I just bring my own food.  Another thing I’ve gotten used to.  If I can do it, so can you.  It just takes motivation, determination, drive and dedication.  A recipe for success!