Contest Prep, Lifting


Saturday was a high volume workout.  I have somewhat of a routine for Saturdays, I workout with my friend, Bob, at LA Fitness and we have a workout that we stick to pretty consistently.  The reps and sets always vary, but this Saturday was more reps, sets and exercises and I’m still feeling it!  I did manage to get my cardio in before, which will go from 25 min to 40 minutes starting today (Monday.)

To start we did incline dumbbell presses for about 20 reps, and I superset with 8 pull ups!  I did receive a slight assistance from Bob but this is a huge improvement from a few weeks ago when 5 was a struggle.  Next we did dumbbell flat bench presses, again 20-25 reps for 4 sets, finishing out 2 more sets of pull ups for 40 total.  At this point in our workout, my friend Evan asked if he could jump in.  He’s very strong and can move a lot of weight but wanted to workout with us for more of a bodybuilding style workout; something he’s not used to.  From that point we did:

Image result for incline dumbbell press
incline DB press


Image result for dumbbell bench press
flat bench press

4×10 single dumbbell clean and presses superset with 20 leg throws

50 total seated Arnold presses (a 30 second break was allowed when needed.)

100 bench tricep dips (rested when partner was doing their set.)

100 lat pull downs (rested when partner was doing their set.)

100 EZ bar curls, sets of 25 (allowed to “cheat” last 5 reps.)

100 decline sit ups, sets of 25

And ended with a 2 min pushup plank.

Evan and I were both toast.  We will see if he joins us for another workout next weekend!

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