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Refeed & Deadlifts

the day is finally here!!! REFEED day. yes it is different than a cheat meal – it is more strategic for cutting where “cheat meals” are more for bulking phases. I’m allowed a refeed (or “refuel” as I prefer to call it) every two weeks from this point on in my prep. I’ve been thinking about this literally for a week. the strategy is to put your body in a caloric deficiency then shock it with 100-150g more carbs than you’re used to while keeping your fats low (under 20g ideally) and your protein about the same.

breakfast consisted of double chocolate protein banana pancakes with maple syrup upon waking. cardio followed (40 min on the stairclimber.)

preworkout was chicken and couscous. today I’m also not eating as many veggies as I normally do on a daily basis.

I’m still drinking as much if not more than my mandatory 1.5 gallons a day because I’m taking in more sodium than I have been the past 5 weeks.

today was the third week of iso’s for deadlifts. pin pulls again today 4×2 keeping the weight the same as the previous two weeks at 135. I turned around from the mirror after my first set and my form improved and I actually found myself pulling harder against the pins.

my friend tori joined us today for the first time. she’s an amazing young powerlifter who just competed in her first meet last month totalling close to 670 at only 16 years old! she’s self taught but extremely passionate so I’m happy she got a taste of a really gym (sorry LA Fitness goers.)

she did squats but we did accessories together which consisted of mini band good mornings 95x6x10

reverse hypers 4×10

single leg rdls with 25 kettle bell 4×10 each leg

single mini banded hamstring curls 4×15 each

I pulled the sled because I wanted to make sure my glycogen was depleted before eating more carbs and only did one pull and felt truly exhausted. both tori and I got rolled out then headed straight to the Chinese buffet!

I had about 12 pieces of sushi, a couple ounces of chicken and a couple ounces of shrimp. of course I had dessert and I settled on a few pieces of peanut brittle and felt truly satisfied.

maple bacon YES MAPLE BACON cookies were waiting for me at home so half a dozen cookies later I’m laying in my bed typing up this post. I feel so miserably happy right now. a much needed free day!

steak fajitas and almond torte cake still await me for the super bowl and I wouldn’t want to end my refuel day any other way.

tomorrow will be benching and a heavy back day I can’t wait to move some weight!!!

4 thoughts on “Refeed & Deadlifts

  1. I like how you planned this out didn’t just crash on sugary garbage! Glad you enjoyed it Kat!
    And those maple bacon cookies….. Girl…whatchoo know bout that!! ❀


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