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Post Refeed & Update

Refeed was a success to say the least.  I ate so much I passed out HAHA i’m not kidding.  All the carbs made me so sleepy!  I think it was the cookies, or maybe the almond torte cake… (I scraped off most of the almonds but some of them seemed to have gotten stuck in the icing; oops.)

The following morning I slept in till about 7 because that’s pushing my breakfast time.  I had my usual oats, egg whites and veggies then headed to the gym for a heavy lifting session!  I started with:

100 banded pull aparts (4×25)

warmed up 100 lat pull downs (4×25) and a little dumbbell flat bench before pause bench.

It’s my 3rd week of pause bench, ending the second phase of my program.  I kept the weight the same through all three weeks at 105 4×4.  Felt great!

following bench is a facepull variation with a row bar 105 total reps.

row bar attachment for a cable

50 pull ups (5×10) on the assisted machine

100 body weight TRX rows

50 shrugs (I never do shrugs!  My traps develope well on their own without isolated assistance but I had extra energy and it’s in my program.  I did 2 sets of 25.)

I ended with 40 minutes of cardio on the open stride machine.  Felt full and lean after this workout!

CONTEST PREP UPDATE:  I’m under the 12 week mark.  I just bought my OCB membership which is a one time fee and good for a year.  It was $70, which I think is one of the cheaper memberships (vs NPC.)  I have my shoes which I started walking around in but need to make more time for!  If I wear them while cooking I will be set haha.  I’m also going to start posing on my own from YouTube channels and start looking for a posing clinic to go to, probably closer to 8 weeks out.  I get another refuel day in 2 weeks!  I’m happy with the progress being made so far, it’s crazy what the body can do!

Also, I will be training one of my good friends.  She is so excited and dedicated I can’t wait to get started!

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