Accessory Day

  • cardio 40 min open stride stride 5/resistance 11

(it felt like time went much quicker than yesterday. I think I’m learning about myself I need to get cardio out of the way in the morning. the longer I wait the slower the minutes go by!)

  • checked in with my coach this morning. Β I’m still under 140 but weight went up a little since last check in. since it’s that time of the month it’s hard to know if it’s from my program or just hormones so I am simply increasing my cardio to 50 minutes 5 days a week and we will see what results that brings over the next 7 days.


100 pull a parts

50 pull ups with 50# assistance

low row with wide grip attachment 40x5x20 (instead of doing my standard face pulls. the wider grip still hits the upper back and rear delts.)

close grip attachment lat pull downs 70xx20, 60x3x20, 55xx20 superset dumbbell shrugs 30x2x25, 25x2x25

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