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cardio routine

today was a rare day. I did not want to go to the gym. last night was my best friends birthday and we stayed out late; it was so much fun! but it really messes up the rest of my day because I have to cook and eat breakfast by 7am at the latest to get all my meals in, so this morning I woke up and ate breakfast, went back to sleep for 2 hours, woke up and ate my second meal before going to the gym at 11am. it’s simply exhausting. and I worked upper body a lot this week and did it again today, I feel like my muscles were just rebelling. BUT I still went and had an awesome workout and I was happy I pushed through mentally and physically after it was over. I did some accessory work yesterday, focused more on chest and triceps today with abs and a new cardio routine! looking forward to deadlifting tomorrow morning after breakfast with the gym group. what a wonderful weekend it has been!
bench 95x5x8-10 superset with dumbbell bench 25x5x10-12
incline bench 55x5x10 superset barbell 5×10

tricep dips 4×25 superset skull crushers 30x4x10

tricep pull downs drop sets 60,50,40 burnout 3 sets

50 decline sit ups 75 leg throws

30 sec on 30 sec off treadmill 20 min

cool down for 10 minutes on the bike

this week my cardio will increase to 50 minutes 5 times a week. I’m going to do 2 out of 5 days low impact, basically what I’ve been doing. another 2 days will be more of a medium intensity cardio, just pushing myself a little more and keeping my heart rate elevated. only 1 day a week will be high intensity consisting of sprints (30 seconds on/30 seconds off.) I’m excited to try this out over the next few weeks and see what results come of it!

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