Deload (day 3) & Supp. Overview

This morning started at 430 am to get my full 50 minutes in of cardio before breakfast.  It was such a crappy morning!  I saw a text from my sister from late night saying that the front porch and steps were really icy and to be careful in the driveway as well, even though she laid the salt down around midnight.  I got past the steps and stairs no problem but had a very close call in the driveway!  The ice was not enough to detour me from going to the gym though.  I didn’t wake up this early for nothing!

Of course my session was fasted, (post coming soon about that.  There’s a lot of controversial research about fasted cardio and why it’s probably not the best or most effective fat loss strategy.)  I did the full 50 minutes at a steady state pace on the stair climber.  I did 10 minutes crossing on my right side and 10 minutes crossing on my left side throughout just to mix it up a little bit.  I read a lot when on a cardio machine verse listening to music, and I was reading an article about periodization training.  Check it out if you’re interested in learning what it means and how to set up a program for it!  It is geared toward powerlifters but I’m sure it could be modified to fit anyone’s needs.

My legs always feel super tight after so much steady state so I made sure to foam roll my legs immediately after.  I also had to make sure to get some abs in, so I did 100 leg throws and hit the shower.  Breakfast was calling.

I was able to go back to bed because my first client rescheduled for later due to the ice (no complaints there.)  I had a good day at work and actually took another nap before lifting later in the evening!  I was more tired than I thought..



10 close grip/10 wide grip with the barbell.  Very slow and controlled with a short pause at the bottom to make sure I wasn’t using any momentum.  i got 6 sets in and felt good!  Accessories were keps light and controlled as well.

tricep extensions 10x4x15

single arm tricep exercise with kettlebell (I can’t remember the name) 2xfailure

incline dumbbell bench

hammer strength machine


I’ve started taking more supplements recently, mainly ones to help with recovery since I feel like my body is never truly rested at this point.  Today I purchases L-Glutamine in pill form so we will see if that makes a difference!  In addition to L-Glutamine, I’m also taking a 300mg ALA dose, a serving of monohydrate creatine and L-Carnitine after my workouts. (Throughout the day I take an ALA with my breakfast and 2  Alpha Venus twice a day with meals containing carbs, ZMA before bed plus the post workout stack listed above.)

Post coming soon about these supplements and why I am taking them!

Please comment and feel free to ask questions.

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