So Much For Squat Delaod… (day 5)

before I start, I’m just going to skip to the very end and say I squatted 320# last night!

okay so taking it from the beginning:

thursday is squat day. I’m so sore because the previous day I lifted calves for the first time basically ever and did a weighted ab exercise I hadn’t done for probably 4 years. I was feeling pretty beat up and just over all tired. I went to the gym without a plan or strategy other than I knew I was going to roll out and stretch very well and squat light. two other guys from the group were there, John W and Joe, box squatting on the monolift in their briefs.  Casey came eventually just to watch and help out because he’s on a weight break for the next four weeks or so. there were a couple other people there too, just your typical night at the bar.

Sidenote:  Mark Bell’s YouTube channel has a couple different box squat videos for more reference.  I love his channel!  You can also find others, simply search “Box Squat.”

loaded Elitefts monolift

i decided just to do 6-8 sets of doubles at 135 and focus on form and staying tight. also keeping speed out of the hole. weight felt light so that’s good!  I moved on to leg press for 4 sets and the guys are just finishing their box squats and Joe asks me if I want to try his briefs.  (This video isn’t showing the exact ones we used, but it does show you a little bit about them and how you have to put them on.)  Of course I said yes, I will put them on. they’re a couple sizes too big (joes got about 60 pounds on me) but once I wedged them up they were definitely tight. not as tight as they should be, but enough to make a difference.


once I had them on I was just like “alright these are cool.” and that was that. but they stripped all the plates off the mono except one on each side and left the box and told me to actually give them a try. I throw John’s belt on and tried the weight for a couple. they helped even though they were pretty big! before you know it were adding weight for triples and then doubles. then were sitting at 270# for a single. keep in mind, my max squat ever is 250 and that was with reverse bands at the very end of November. at my meet in December I only got 230# for my squat. I wasn’t wearing briefs but still! making a big jump in weight here in 3 months.


so I do 270 no problem.  Check out my YouTube channel.  I don’t know how to edit anything yet but you can see each lift.

280  (YouTube video)

and we skip 290 and go straight to 300! Casey said might as well make he 20 pound jump because “it’s either there or it’s not.” he was right.

300 still not too bad so we go for one more rep.

320. *jumping up and down* who would have thought that!  Especially while training for a figure show that’s getting closer by the day (9 weeks out.)  I know it surprised everyone, including myself.  This shows how much powerlifting can be a team sport.  Everyone was there supporting me, pushing me and cheering me on.  It’s an amazing feeling and a special thing to have.  I’m really thankful I got in to this sport.

I just finished up with some accessories and called my grandpa on the way home about my lifts because he used to powerlift back in the day.  I told my dad as soon as I got home “i squatted 320 tonight!”  He said, “I know.”  What the heck haha!  Casey already put up a video of it on Instagram.  Check him out too!  Strongest MFer I know.  thecaseywilliams is his Instagram.

If you got through this whole post, you’re awesome.  I hope you watched the videos!  More to come.  STAY STRONG!

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