Contest Prep, Lifting

Deload (7th and final day)

I always go up to LA Fitness and meet my friend bob for an upper body workout. he’s trained a lot of track athletes, and is a school record holder at his college for track himself. it’s a different type of workout but he gets people results. I love training a different style with him. it is definitely more bodybuilder and explosive type workouts. we focused on working some fast twitch muscles by controlling the eccentric and really trying to be explosive with the concentric. 

95 bench 5×5//superset with 25 Dumbbells 15×5

and doing a set of 8 pull ups after the superset

incline bench for 8 reps at 65 pounds//super setting again with 25 Dumbbells for 10 reps. sets of pull ups ran into the incline supersets. I did 7×8 pull-ups! with bobs hand on my back for a little assistance. I really feel like I can see the creatine working. 

low rows 40x4x25 (last set burned out with 40 reps so 115 reps total) //superset with 25 tricep dips (105 total)

burned out biceps with 10 sets of 10 with a 30 pound EZ bar. 

needed with about 100 reps or so of decline sit-ups. 

I did a half hour of 1 minute on 1 minute off for cardio earlier in the morning. I like it so much better than steady state for 50 minutes!

I’m still weighing about 138 but the creatine I’m taking (monohudrate) is known for causing water retention. I’m taking it for the next four weeks and at that point I will be 1 month away from my very first figure show!!

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