blogging101, Contest Prep


hey guys! yesterday was crazy busy. it started at 530 am with my favorite breakfast! unfortunately that will be coming to an end this weekend; we will get to that part soon!!

my 6 am client killed it as usual. she’s awesome and is willing to push and sweat! now we just need to clean up her nutrition and she will have an amazing transformation by summer!  I did my cardio after our session and went back to my new home to prep for the day.

already fueling back up with m2 I shower and relax a little bit. I catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions and make two very exciting purchases:

  1. an airplane ticket to myrtle beach in June AND I got the $50 rebate so it cost me about $32 to fly back to Pittsburgh (1 way.)
  2. I BOUGHT MY SUIT!!!!!!! I got a great deal on eBay. its not customized or anything, but it’s pretty and I think it will compliment my completion well. you have to wait a bit to see it though!!  since this is my first show I didn’t want to invest $300 in a bikini, but if I continue with competing I will reconsider buying a cheap vs customized suit next time.

I’m going with my best friend and our mutual friends to the beach, and our original plan was to meet at an airport an hour away from me to get a deal from Pittsburgh to the beach, which you could only get by buying the one way ticket in this particular airport with this specific airline. so I ran and got my groceries, washed and vacuumed my car, stopped at cool beans on my way through Pittsburgh and got to the airport around 3pm. I beat Julie and her boyfriend, Steve, so I went ahead and bought my ticket. $85 total; so for round trip the cost was about $115. but Julie told me the ticket should have been $60, so it turned out I drove an hour there and an hour and a half back (with traffic) to save.. THREE DOLLARS. which I spent in gas and tolls getting there plus 2.5 hours of unproductive time.  thankfully I had the time to spare! and lesson learned.

I went straight to the gym on my way back to get a head start. I arrived at 5pm and stretched really well. my calves are knotted up from running more and my hamstrings were super tight from Sunday still.

February 23


100 pull aparts

50 banded pull ups

warm up db bench

floor press with chains 5×8 quarter plates

tricep extension 15x4x15

banded push downs 4×15 red mini

rolled out CALVES. I almost cried but my calves are pain free today!

I left the gym around 7 to get back home to make dinner for myself, the roomies, and my friend Marisa.  I made an awesome stir fry with ground turkey!  the whole meal for 5 servings cost about $6 from aldi. they have awesome frozen veggie stir fry bags for 2.99. I heated the sauce separately to keep it prep friendly.

I had one more meal to eat; I ended up just drinking a cup of egg whites because it was getting late and I had another 6am client this morning!

I already have my cardio and back/rear delt workout in for the day and it’s only 8:45 am!

February 24


low row 55


Lat pull down 55x5x15 slow and focused

face pull downs with row bar 40x4x25

Hammer strength – back. heavy single pull downs 1 platex8 reps

rear delt flies 10x4x15

in other exciting news, I start a new meal plan this weekend. more to come on that. 8 weeks out!!!

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