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Check Out My Vlog

For the next 8 weeks of my prep, I plan on vlogging updates and adding the videos to my YouTube channelVlogging is a video blog for those that are wondering.  Basically just videoing my posts instead of typing them out.  I’ll try not to be redundant between the two.  I really just want whoever watches my videos to get to know who I am a little better. I honestly made a channel so my grandpa could watch my videos; then me and John were saying we should start vlogging at the gym and car rides because we are fucking hilarious, and I kind of took the idea seriously.  So yesterday I decided, why the fuck not?

I love blogging though, so I will continue to track my workouts and share recipes on here.  I think utilizing YouTube will be fun and a little more interactive, so I’m excited to try it for the next couple months!  I already have my first subscriber and received my first Comment today!  Please go watch my last 2 videos (yesterday and today.)  I have no idea how to edit anything yet, so bare with me until I figure it out!


My workouts the 2 days:

Thursday, February 25

Cardio: 30 min on/off


Warmed up a lot because the gym is cold. Still felt tight. I can tell my body fat is decreasing! I had two shirts and two pairs of pants on and I couldn’t get my hips warmed up much. The weight felt super heavy today so didn’t go as heavy as I wanted but everyone has those days!

Squats 155x3x5

Leg press 4 sets

Kettlebell swings

Lunges with 15 kettlebells

I could definitely tell I was deprived of carbs that I’m used to having. Felt extremely tired and exhausted and my mind was foggy. Called it a day once I knew I wasn’t having a productive workout.

Friday, February 26



100 reps on the weighted ab crunch machine

3 trisets of calves on the smith machine

100 reps of leg extensions (trying to make up for yesterday) supersetted with decline sit ups

I slept in today until 9 and took the day off cardio. It felt good to take a break from the treadmill and I had was allowed carbs for meals 2 and 3.  If you want to know what my meals consist of comment below and I will make a more specific post of what I am currently eating.  I’m feeling so much better already!

P.S. I bought flaxseed oil today and put a couple teaspoons over my rice,  I want to put it on everything! 


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