Update: First Day

first day on the new job!  I posted a vlog prior to orientation and also later in the evening at the end of the day. I really need to learn how to edit soon!

I did morning cardio before my 730am client and went to orientation at an off site location that began at 9. my sister and brother were in there with me along with a friend from la fitness; small world!

we ended a half hour ahead of schedule so it gave me plenty of time to meet my 6pm client before I met the guys to bench. we switched to Monday and Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday and Thursday. it worked out well with my carb cycle!

1 min on 1 min off cardio 30 min

warm up 100 pull aparts

floor press with fat bar and chains

5×20 incline db press

swiss bar double pause tri extensions

triple tricep 2xfailure with kettlebell

rope pull downs

rolled out by the ex wife

I had a ton of energy and really enjoyed my day!  I ran to aldi and prepped a little bit for the following day because I scheduled a 6am client. I had to inform my evening people I won’t be taking late appointments anymore, it’s too much on myself… hopefully once I have a routine I can arrange my schedule to suit them as well but I don’t see it happening.. especially with training myself.  

today I had my 6am client deadlifting and I got my cardio in afterwards. I’m still doing 30 minutes of intervals and I added 3 sets of calves supersetted with decline sit-ups before my shower and off to orientation I went!  I enjoyed my tuna omelet in my car before going in while listening to mark bells podcast with Pete rubish. another wonderful day! 

later I’ll be working or shoulders after a quick drive by to Costco for some more veggies. the Arnold will be here in a few days and I’m planning on prepping my meals prior to.

busy busy week ahead of me but looking forward to every day!

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