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New Job Deets, Baby Food & Show News

I just realized I didn’t inform you of my new full time job position!  I started Monday at a title company.  Unfortunately training full time is not enough income to support myself, especially now that my rent has been increased by moving out recently.  But I am going to balance it as much as I can because it is my passion.
My new job is local and I no longer have to commute downtown, and I’m super excited about the free parking!  It’s the little things.  The best part though is I will be working with a very good friend of mine and I know another person in my training who will be on the same team as me with a lot of title experience.  I’m learning that people bounce between the dozen or so title companies in Pittsburgh.  It really is a small world!  Training is a lot of information but I’m looking forward to getting on the floor next week.  With that being said; my schedule for new-hire training is 9-5(30) – we’ve been getting out a little early the past couple days.  I’ve tried to wake up early to do cardio, clients before work and maybe get a quick workout in then go to training, then come back and train a couple clients then get my workout in.  Needless to say by yesterday I was exhausted.  Not to mention my 7am cancelled, my 6pm would no return my call or texts to confirm (she’s 19, I know she received my texts.)  So I went home after work to nap before my 7pm, who also cancelled!  This is exactly why I can’t depend on training for a sole income, people are unreliable.  So I texted my 8pm and she was so sweet and said we could reschedule so I could have the night off.  I typed “oh no that’s okay!” and quickly deleted it.  I appreciated that offer so much and took advantage of it because I truly needed it.  Especially since Thursday morning calls for a 6am client, and a 6 & 7 pm clients.  Thank goodness I’m off Friday and all weekend for the Arnold!

Taking advantage of my unexpected night off, I prepped my 2 carb meals and had enough time to try some new things.  For veggies this week, I’m trying butternut squash which pairs perfectly with my sweet potato.  I blended a cup of each together with a small banana, added cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and some baking soda to make 4 little cakes at 350 degrees for about 15-20 min.  They needed oats or something… but turned out tasty non the less!  Then I realized I basically made baby food!  Haha.  What an odd combination of foods… but don’t knock it until you try it!  I only made that for 1 of the 2 meals, and kept the foods separate for my other meal.  i don’t know if i will make that particular combination again, but it was nice to try something new for a change.


I was searching for the show I originally picked in Virginia, April 23rd and stumbled upon a show right in my hometown April 30th!  What’s one more week of prep at this point.  I’m going to enter that one instead and I feel so much better about it.  It was meant to be.  Stasi Longo is running it and I have heard nothing but good things about her.  I contacted her and will be meeting with her next Saturday for a posing session.  All the pieces are falling in place!

8 weeks out!

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