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Arnold Classic Thoughts & Feels

this weekend was my first Arnold Classic experience. named after Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, it’s a huge expo in Columbus with all the big brands and names of the fitness industry. my roommates and our friend josh made the three hour trip Friday morning to Columbus and spent the day at the convention center.

we watched the prejudging for the figure competition and I’m happy we got to see that, my show is only two months away!  I met mark bell and got his autograph! that was the highlight of my trip; he signed my shoe!

Saturday morning we went to a powerlifting meet at a different location which was a nice change because it wasn’t packed and was super chill. I also want to note I challenged Darrin to a foot race and he wiped out! it made my day and I’m pretty sure everyone else’s as well.

the expo was so packed we only lasted an hour or so before we called it quits. there’s only so much to do there!  to be honest I was a little let down and slightly disappoint wih the experience; next year it will be a day trip! we headed back a day early but it was nice to have the rest of Saturday and Sunday to relax before a long Monday.

check out my YouTube for my most recent vlog videos where I go into a little more detail of our experience!


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