Contest Prep

Normal = Coldstone

I prepped and packed every meal for the weekend, Friday to Sunday, so I could stick to my diet and have zero excuses. Friday and Saturday were a breeze even with the samples and a night out exploring the area. we left earlier than expected and came home Saturday, which was fine – still no temptations!

Sunday was my carb day and also deadlifting. I planned to have my two carb meals pre and post workout then I’d have my 3 no carb meals the rest of the day. but for some reason I was feeling rebellious. I didn’t want to eat what someone else told me to eat. I didn’t want to eat every three hours. I just wanted to listen to my body and the cravings I was having.

I had jiff whipped peanut butter, and a lot of it. boy was it good! ย then I had the urge to bake cookies. I searched for the best recipe on Pinterest (which I didn’t find) but eventually just decided to go to giant eagle and grab the pre made cookie dough and bring them home to bake and eat as many as I pleased. I asked my roommates what cookies they liked so they could eat some too and darrin had an even better suggestion: Coldstone ice cream.

I have no regrets and I honestly feel so refreshed having a day where I was the one in control. I ate when I wanted to and I ate what I wanted to eat. I haven’t done that for two months and it was much needed. and still far enough out of my show that I don’t feel like all my hard work has been reversed. I felt so normal! ย I forgot what it was like to not have food be in control.

sometimes you just need to scream for ice cream!

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