New Job Presents New Opportunities

the new job is going well! my schedule proves to be a challenge with getting all of my clients in. I started scheduling on Saturday but I’m not sure how long that will last because some Saturday’s will be made gory with my new job. evenings are even compromised because we are required to work until 8pm once a week that is at least rescheduled, but there’s possible overtime daily. I think I’m unfortunately going to have to give my evening clients away but hopefully some are able to wake up early and join me in the morning! 
I sit across from Lisa, my new work neighbor. thankfully everyone has been very helpful and welcoming to me and I feel very comfortable on my new team. I’ve had light conversation with Lisa throughout the day. the gallon of water on my desk sparked a conversation that I easily led to my fitness background. this eventually led to her asking me what seemed to be a personal matter, I’m so happy she felt comfortable enough to be open with me! Lisa has a very overweight nephew that is 15 and 300+ pounds. she said they’ve contacted a personal trainer to help him and that trainer said they would not work with him until he lost 100 pounds. 

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. 

my mind was blown by this! how could someone refuse to help a potential client until they lose weight, when they came to you asking for help to lose weight? to me this is extremely contradicting. I gave Lisa my card with my contact information but I don’t believe anytime fitness allows members under the age of 16. so just incase I also gave her the contact for Umberger performance, another gym I’m a member of that I know for a fact will help kids and young adults.  of course I told her to feel free to contact me for guidance for both fitness and nutrition, I’m willing to help as much as possible.

it’s reasons like this I became a personal trainer and my fingers are crossed her nephew gets the help and knowledge he needs to be successful in his weight loss. 

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