Contest Prep

My Binge Eating Confession

since starting my new job I feel like I’m struggling with balancing everything. I train clients in the morning and try to workout myself in addition to cardio, then shower and look presentable before going to the office for at least 8.5 hours before going straight to either umbergers to workout myself or anytime to train a client or two and workout if I didn’t have time in the morning. that doesn’t include the grocery shopping and cooking and prepping my meals for at least a day or two ahead. it’s exhausting! and of course there’s everything else like spending time with family, friends, cleaning and laundry. you know, all the normal daily activities. 

with that being said, within the past couple of days I have started giving into the temptations. well, one temptation in particular… peanut butter. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. it started with a spoonful and has progressed to a jar within a matter of days. I’ve gone through multiple containers and I am struggling to stay on track. I am halfway through my prep and this week is the first time I’ve completely derailed myself. I was doing so well!

I see the action for what it is, and before it goes too far, I’ve already spoken to a couple of people about my dirty little secret. it’s embarrassing but I know who I have told I can talk to without judgement. I feel so much better already because it made me realize I’m not the only one. this is unfortunately a common thing, especially in the bodybuilding world.

being honest with myself, not only in my personal situation, but being open and sharing my struggle with others is hard – but I know there are people in the same boat as me. 

I’ve eaten the last of the peanut butter and will not buy anymore because it is a trigger food for me now. I’ve worked too hard to stop now! I can get through the next 7 weeks.

if anyone has any tips or suggestions or even words of encouragement I would truly appreciate it!!
on a different note I had an awesome workout with my friend Alex. it was much needed!

incline cardio 40 min

calves 3 trisets

super set with abs


reverse grip lay pull downs

low rows 2 x close grip 2x wide grip

BENC over row with curl bar

single iso lat row

21s with curl bar

preacher curls

cable bicep curls superset with push-ups

smith machine shrugs

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