weekend recap

this weekend was crazy! it FLEW by, that tends to happen to everyone doesn’t it?  Monday always comes too fast.

Thursday evening was spend prepping and packing because I decided to take a roadtrip to see my beautiful momma for the weekend! I miss her so. it’s i ky a 6 hour drive which is an easy weekend trip.

Friday I had a 6am client then I worked out myself before work. I just did some accessory work bc I haven’t had many off days recently and was feeling pretty burnt out. work went well; and I had a hair appointment directly after- just a touch up! then I got on the road. I arrived at my moms around 2 am. I accidentally added an hour to the trip not realizing the address I put in my gps was to the wrong 1 of 2 addresses that existed in the area, but I made it!

Saturday was spent catching up, enjoying st Patrick’s day activities, trying new places and getting pedicures and americanos 💁🏻👯 the perfect day!  I took the day off from the gym since we had such limited time together. before we know it Sunday morning is here and a precious hour lost; but I wouldn’t want it any other way. we enjoyed an AMAZING authentic Mexican breakfast before I made the 6 hour trip back to Pittsburgh. I miss my mom already!

I got home around 4, stopped at my dads and had to go to Costco and aldi before they closed at 6 (damn Sunday hours) and unpack before heading to the gym for a killer chest workout that I am definitely suffering from today.

I keep track of all my workouts in my Notes now. I used to write them down physically in a note book, which I honestly liked, but it is convenient keeping them in my phone for reference. although sometimes I get lazy and don’t put the reps and sets so I may convert back… but until then! I have a folder for my workouts in my Notes, make sure I put the date at the top of each exercise, and add my workouts daily.

yesterday was fun because I worked out with my friend Alex for Chest Day for the first time and he had a lot of new exercises for me!  the pain is real today.

it was a great weekend but I’m feeling the exhaustion and time change effects today and couldn’t force myself to roll out of bed before 7 this morning. it will be another late night at the gym but I’m looking forward to it!

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