The combination of a busy weekend and the time change, my routine has been thrown off to the max.  My meals and prep in general have taken a backseat and I was feeling burnt out.  It’s SO important to listen to your body!  So i took a couple days off my cardio routine and I’m feeling much better about everything today.

Contest prep is HARD.  It’s a huge mental struggle for me, because it’s so close and yet so far away… it’s easy to lose focus.  But this morning was a great cardio session (much needed) and some good accessory work because I’m squatting with the crew this evening at Umbergers.  I haven’t been there for a week!  Also, juggling between two jobs has been a hard adjustment and i’m sure that has effected me and my routine as well.  After this week I will no longer be working evenings.  Most everyone has switched to mornings and those who are unable to I was able to schedule for Saturday morning, that makes me happy.

This Tuesday morning I had a 6am client.  She deadlifted 5×5 and loves lifting heavy, she will quickly progress and i’m excited to see where she ends up!  I did HIIT for half an hour after and deficit calves on the smith machine afterwards.  I threw in an accessory circuit before calling it a successful morning!  I try to drink 1/2 a gallon by 8 am so I can pace the remaining gallon for the rest of the day.  I recently ran out of l-glutamine and replaced it with l-leucine.  I mixed that with a scoop of creatine with an ALA and 2 l-carnitine and hit the shower!  I’m ready to go.

My meal plan calls for 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 3 oz protein (usually tuna because I make it an omelet) with 6 strawberries.  This morning I decided to switch it up and used frozen strawberries, a scoop of chocolate protein, and threw the eggs in there for the mixture and froze overnight to make a delicious breakfast smoothie.  A nice change from my usual breakfast! I always have to eat my meals cold… all my food is always cold by the time i eat it, by the way, from being in my Jax lunch box.  I could hear it up if I really wanted to but i don’t like to heat plastic, period, and I also just don’t like to use microwaves…

So today is off to a great start!  Trained one of my favorite clients, got a quick cardio session and workout in and heading to work!  I joined the Health and Wellness Committee at work and I’ll be attending my first meeting today. I was listening to one of mark bells podcasts where he interviewed Jason Khalipa, a crossfit games winner and gym owner, and he really encouraged me to make a difference in the work environment!  I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping to make an impact in my new office.

30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 seconds on/30 seconds off

deficit calves on the smith machine [triset] 3×8-10

25 decline sit ups, 25 rolling calves, 15 smith pulls, 25 incline push ups (4 sets)

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