Contest Prep

Posing Session

today I had my first posing session with bodybuilding veteran, Stasi Longo. she is an amazing coach and person, I’m so happy I decided to receive coaching from her. I would highly suggest a posing class or clinic before a first show. she took my body fat (23%), weight (138), adjusted my suit, gave me suggestions on what I need to improve. mostly keep my diet on point, do more cardio and more legs, because my upper body and lower body aren’t proportioned. also, as a judge, her trained eye was able to help me pose in the best position for me and tell me exactly what the judges look for. she corrected my poses, which I had learned from watching YouTube videos.    
 she said there really are no rules when it comes to posing and I would have gotten away with what I had learned, but the suggestions she gave me made a huge difference!

she also helped me with my walk, prejudging posing and went through the T walk also for the second round of judging. I had so much confidence by the end of our session. she told me I should try a show April 9 (3 weeks away) for some experience before her show at the end of April. I’m highly considering it! his is the motivation I needed to get me through the next 6 weeks. I can do this!!!

3 thoughts on “Posing Session

    1. haha wooo! thanks Kelsey! I am doing a show for extra practice next weekend and am looking forward to the show I’ve been prepping for April 30! can’t wait to post pictures from the shows. thanks for reading and commenting!!


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