Contest Prep

Practice Show

Hoppy belated Easter!

I’ve been feeling high energy and strong since carbing up on Sunday.  Yesterday I floor pressed 145×3!  I haven’t felt this good for a long time so I was very excited to get a good lift in.  Same thing this morning with my shoulder workout.  I also through in some hamstring exercises after cardio.  My 6am and 7am both cancelled so I had plenty of time for a quality workout, which I feel like I haven’t had recently.  Two good lifting days in a row left me feeling happy and ready for my contests!

Yes, plural.

This morning I registered for a “practice” show April, 9th- Next Saturday!  Do I feel ready?  Honestly no… but it will be good because there are only 4 total competitors in the Figure division so far so I think I have a good chance of placing!  It will look very good on my resume to place in a show.  It will also give me the confidence I need for the show I’ve been prepping for, April 30th!  SO CLOSE.

Today’s workout was shoulders – got a good pump:

Military press

     straight leg deadlifts

lateral raises

bent over rows (over exaggerated to hit the rear delts)

front raises

face pulls

     hamstring curl machine

seated shoulder press

     single leg RDLs

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