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March Favorites

Another month into 2016, where does the time go??

Here are a couple new favorites I’ve stumbled upon the past few weeks, enjoy!


standing lat pull downs

why have I not been doing his amazing exercise?!  super set with shrugs or tricep push downs and feel the burn. 🔥

YouTube channels:

– Mark Bells Powercast for all the powerlifters out there.
– Primal Edge Health podcast.  If you’re interest in learning more about ketosis, this is a great start for you!
I found this list of informational podcasts on Pinterest. I subscribed to almost all the nutrition ones and I’m super excited about the self-help podcast, The One You Feed. check it out.

TV Show:
I hardly watch TV, but when I do, fit2fat2fit is my go-to.  This is one the roomies and I always make time for.  Plus I just found out that there is a podcast that covers a lot of events that went on behind the scenes.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer that went through his fit2fat2fit transformation in 2011.

two variations, same macros!

tuna omelette:
1 egg
3 egg whites
1 pack of aldi flavored tuna.
-they have a couple flavors in the 2.5 ounce tuna packs, sweet and spicy or lemon pepper.  I personally prefer the sweet and spicy over all, but the lemon pepper was surprisingly delicious with my omelet. I stumbled upon the combination when that was the only flavor I had left.. I buy them by the box! of course plain works well too.
fruit on the side.
-strawberries or blueberries are my fruit of choice… I have a very limited selection to choice from at the moment, any fruit will do!


frozen overnight smoothie:
1 egg
3 egg whites
1 scoop of protein
6 frozen strawberries
-again, any fruit will work.
blend and freeze.
add water/milk if needed.
this was an easy option for a prepped breakfast; grab it and go!  I let mine thaw out a little so it was a little slushy by the time I would eat breakfast. I also used chocolate protein and it was so good I didn’t even want to try it with any other flavor. add chocolate chips or coco nibs for an extra sweetness!

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Check Out My Vlog

For the next 8 weeks of my prep, I plan on vlogging updates and adding the videos to my YouTube channelVlogging is a video blog for those that are wondering.  Basically just videoing my posts instead of typing them out.  I’ll try not to be redundant between the two.  I really just want whoever watches my videos to get to know who I am a little better. I honestly made a channel so my grandpa could watch my videos; then me and John were saying we should start vlogging at the gym and car rides because we are fucking hilarious, and I kind of took the idea seriously.  So yesterday I decided, why the fuck not?

I love blogging though, so I will continue to track my workouts and share recipes on here.  I think utilizing YouTube will be fun and a little more interactive, so I’m excited to try it for the next couple months!  I already have my first subscriber and received my first Comment today!  Please go watch my last 2 videos (yesterday and today.)  I have no idea how to edit anything yet, so bare with me until I figure it out!


My workouts the 2 days:

Thursday, February 25

Cardio: 30 min on/off


Warmed up a lot because the gym is cold. Still felt tight. I can tell my body fat is decreasing! I had two shirts and two pairs of pants on and I couldn’t get my hips warmed up much. The weight felt super heavy today so didn’t go as heavy as I wanted but everyone has those days!

Squats 155x3x5

Leg press 4 sets

Kettlebell swings

Lunges with 15 kettlebells

I could definitely tell I was deprived of carbs that I’m used to having. Felt extremely tired and exhausted and my mind was foggy. Called it a day once I knew I wasn’t having a productive workout.

Friday, February 26



100 reps on the weighted ab crunch machine

3 trisets of calves on the smith machine

100 reps of leg extensions (trying to make up for yesterday) supersetted with decline sit ups

I slept in today until 9 and took the day off cardio. It felt good to take a break from the treadmill and I had was allowed carbs for meals 2 and 3.  If you want to know what my meals consist of comment below and I will make a more specific post of what I am currently eating.  I’m feeling so much better already!

P.S. I bought flaxseed oil today and put a couple teaspoons over my rice,  I want to put it on everything! 


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hey guys! yesterday was crazy busy. it started at 530 am with my favorite breakfast! unfortunately that will be coming to an end this weekend; we will get to that part soon!!

my 6 am client killed it as usual. she’s awesome and is willing to push and sweat! now we just need to clean up her nutrition and she will have an amazing transformation by summer!  I did my cardio after our session and went back to my new home to prep for the day.

already fueling back up with m2 I shower and relax a little bit. I catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions and make two very exciting purchases:

  1. an airplane ticket to myrtle beach in June AND I got the $50 rebate so it cost me about $32 to fly back to Pittsburgh (1 way.)
  2. I BOUGHT MY SUIT!!!!!!! I got a great deal on eBay. its not customized or anything, but it’s pretty and I think it will compliment my completion well. you have to wait a bit to see it though!!  since this is my first show I didn’t want to invest $300 in a bikini, but if I continue with competing I will reconsider buying a cheap vs customized suit next time.

I’m going with my best friend and our mutual friends to the beach, and our original plan was to meet at an airport an hour away from me to get a deal from Pittsburgh to the beach, which you could only get by buying the one way ticket in this particular airport with this specific airline. so I ran and got my groceries, washed and vacuumed my car, stopped at cool beans on my way through Pittsburgh and got to the airport around 3pm. I beat Julie and her boyfriend, Steve, so I went ahead and bought my ticket. $85 total; so for round trip the cost was about $115. but Julie told me the ticket should have been $60, so it turned out I drove an hour there and an hour and a half back (with traffic) to save.. THREE DOLLARS. which I spent in gas and tolls getting there plus 2.5 hours of unproductive time.  thankfully I had the time to spare! and lesson learned.

I went straight to the gym on my way back to get a head start. I arrived at 5pm and stretched really well. my calves are knotted up from running more and my hamstrings were super tight from Sunday still.

February 23


100 pull aparts

50 banded pull ups

warm up db bench

floor press with chains 5×8 quarter plates

tricep extension 15x4x15

banded push downs 4×15 red mini

rolled out CALVES. I almost cried but my calves are pain free today!

I left the gym around 7 to get back home to make dinner for myself, the roomies, and my friend Marisa.  I made an awesome stir fry with ground turkey!  the whole meal for 5 servings cost about $6 from aldi. they have awesome frozen veggie stir fry bags for 2.99. I heated the sauce separately to keep it prep friendly.

I had one more meal to eat; I ended up just drinking a cup of egg whites because it was getting late and I had another 6am client this morning!

I already have my cardio and back/rear delt workout in for the day and it’s only 8:45 am!

February 24


low row 55


Lat pull down 55x5x15 slow and focused

face pull downs with row bar 40x4x25

Hammer strength – back. heavy single pull downs 1 platex8 reps

rear delt flies 10x4x15

in other exciting news, I start a new meal plan this weekend. more to come on that. 8 weeks out!!!

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10 Ways to Push Through a Mental Block

1. keep your goal in mind
remember why you started going to the gym in the first place.  If your mental block is actually getting yourself to the gym, ask yourself what is holding you back and keep reading!


2. be present

don’t think about anything except your workout. if you had a bad day, if you ate junk food, if you’re going to a party later – don’t think about anything except killing a good workout and burning some major calories.

3. get motivated

If you don’t have a goal, set one. how can you push yourself if you aren’t working towards anything?

4. gym partner

find a gym buddy. sometimes you just need someone to give you that extra push, or if you are a competitive person, having someone to compete against can really drive you to work harder.


5. fun exercises

there are SO many exercises, SO many ways to have a good workout, find what works best for you. if your miserable at the gym it’s hard to get yourself to go. it should be fun! a lot of gyms offer classes. try yoga, or a hip hop class. spin is awesome for time management training if you need to get some resistance training in with your cardio and it’s awesome for endurance.

6. new routine

mid you’ve been doing a similar routine for a long period of time, it’s time for a change. modify your exercises. if you’ve been using the same machine for a while – try it with dumbbells. this goes for cardio too. switch up your incline, interval time, or simply your speed. you’re stronger and faster than you think!



7. timed workout

time your workout routine. whether it’s an over all time or timed rest periods, keep your heart rate up and push yourself!

8. treat yoself

maybe you’re the type of person who is motivated by rewards. set a short term goal of weight loss or lifting a certain weight or doing so many reps, ANYTHING that motivates you to reach your treat at the end. be creative.

9. fuel up

some people are motivated by food, which may be what made them join the gym in the first place. food is FUEL. if you’re unmotivated to get to the gym, make a yummy breakfast or plan a delicious (but healthy) post workout meal.


10. change your mindset

its all in your head. if the previous 9 suggestions aren’t working for you, you need to change your way of thinking. this is a LIFESTYLE not a temporary change. it’s okay if you have something that isn’t organic or all natural, look back to #8. it’s okay to take a rest day or give your body a longer break (read my 2 recent posts.) stay positive, get motivated and kick ass.
happy Monday! start the week off strong. 

if you have any other tips or tricks to work through a mental black please comment. 


Circle of Five [Prompt]

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?
I find this prompt to be challenging because I originally read it incorrectly. I read it as “…which five people do you like to spend your time with?” So since I am mentally prepared for how I originally read the prompt, I’m going to roll with it! Funny how one little word can change the whole meaning to a question.

The five people I spend my most time with aren’t always in person. It’s almost always over the phone actually, through text or phone calls.

Number 1 on my list is my mother. She is my other half, quite literally. I talk to her every single day. She moved to Louisville, Kentucky in July 2014. Luckily I have family there and it is only a 6 hour drive but it’s still too far! She is my biggest supporter and is always encouraging. I wouldn’t be who I am without her influence. Sometimes we joke that we are the same person just at different points in life. It seems our lives run parallel to each other. We always have a similar situation going on, whether it is internal or external. I’m so grateful to have such a strong connection with someone, and even more grateful that person is my mom.

Number 2 is my best friend, Lexie, who I have the privilege of seeing all the time. We were friends in high school but lost touch when she went to college. When she graduated and started working I reached out to her, and the rest is history. We have so much fun together! She brings me out of my comfort zone and I feel like we could conquer the world when we are together. We spend so much time together I’m pretty sure we’ve started communicating in a different language. She lives life as if every day could be her last and I respect that about her so much. Our motto has become “If Not Now, When?” which has gotten us into a little trouble but also created some of my most fond memories. I consider her a sister and her parents and siblings my family as well. Everyone needs that kind of a friend! It means so much to me since I only have my immediate family in Pittsburgh and my extended family is mostly out of state. I attend all of their family gatherings and their exclusive annual Christmas party. I am so thankful for Alexis and to be a member of the Wilkerson family.
Number 3 is my best friend, Julie, who I don’t see nearly often enough. Julie is only an hour drive away but that seems to be on the other side of the world sometimes. But that doesn’t stop us from having an awesome friendship and not a day goes by when I don’t talk to her. We met only a few years ago through our boyfriends. I was dating someone at the time that played on the same baseball team as her long term boyfriend, Steve, and we had an instant connection. She is an amazing person inside and out and I know what we have will last a life time! I learn so much from her and her life experiences, and I know she will always be there for me. She has seen me at my worst and most embarrassing moments and has never judged me for any of them. Julie is someone I will always want to have in my life because she makes me a better person. Same goes to Steve. Their relationship is one that I want for myself one day.

Number 4 is my best friend, Alex, who I see less than Alexis but more than Julie. Alex is from Phoenix, Arizona and we met about 3 or 4 years ago when she got a job at the bank I work at. We ended up moving in together and living in an apartment for a little over a year. When the lease was up she wanted to be closer to her Pittsburgh family, and I wanted to be closer to mine so we both moved back home. I think it says a lot that we were able to remain good friends after living together! She no longer works at the bank but we still manage to see each other every other week or so. She is one of the funniest people I know! Alex has no filter and speaks her mind. She has taught me to stand up for myself and to not be so uptight. I look up to her and can count on her to be there for me when I’m having a meltdown, or when I need makeup and hair advice. When we lived together I didn’t know how to wear makeup, now I’m a pro thanks to her influence. I would still be clueless without her! Haha.

Last but not least number 5, who is a GROUP instead of an individual. I lift with a group 2 or 3 days a week. I started this routine about 6 months ago, this past August. It’s funny how I actually got involved in powerlifting with them. Lex and I were out in Southside (a popular spot in Pittsburgh) and ran into our friend from high school and her boyfriend, John. I knew John was into something, I originally thought he did Crossfit, but he had recently gotten into powerlifting as well. I told him I was new to training and would like to learn more about it so I had some background knowledge for future reference. We exchanged info and eventually I was able to make it up to the gym he lifted at. My original plan was to just go a couple times and see what it was about, but I just never stopped going. I love everything about it: the people, the environment, getting better and stronger, (but definitely not faster.) The group is so encouraging and knowledgeable, their presence is addicting. Every week I look forward to the gym and seeing them. The atmosphere is always charged and positive, everyone speaks their mind and we all pick on each other and I know at the end of the day I could count on any of them if I needed something.

I’m not one to say things I don’t mean. I don’t use the term “best friend” loosely. I feel so blessed to have these amazing people in my life and to be able to call them my best friends. I keep them in my life because they make me want to be better and they believe in me. Those are the kinds of people I want to surround myself with. I want people who influence me, have good morals, and are close with their family, truly CARE about not only themselves but for the well being of others. Family means a lot to me and is such an important aspect in my life. I love my biological family but I also love the family I have been able to create over the past few years. I look at my circle of five and it makes my heart happy. Those are the kinds of people everyone should have in their life.

(clockwise) top left: mom and me, lexie, Julie, alex

All comments are welcomed! I encourage you to use either the original prompt or to follow the one I tweaked. Please leave your link below if you chose to write about your Circle of Five!

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Thought Process

I plan on adding all links later but I want to post this so badly I couldn’t wait to get home to finish editing it! so bear with me…
first I want to thank everyone who commented on my recent post. I’m new to the blogging community, but knowing I can ask a question and receive genuine responses is amazing to me, so thank you.

the comments I received truly had an impact on how I went through my thought process to come to a pretty big life decision.

for those who did not read my referenced post, I am considering quitting my job after four years. my first and only “big girl” job. it’s a really tough decision for me because I like the structure of working at the same time Monday through Friday and knowing exactly how much my check will be every two weeks. the paid vacation and benefits are obviously a huge plus. but should having all of that security be a reason for me, or anyone else for that matter, to stay at a job I don’t like?

the other day I talked to the manager/owner of the gym I work at part time to see if I could make X amount of money working there “full time.” Full time would mean a full schedule of clients. 99% of the time they are one hour sessions. (we offer half hour sessions but those are rarely sold.) so I would need to have over 30 sessions a week. his thought process:

  1. if you want it, go for it. simply as that. the job is what I make it. I am in control of whether I am successful or not.

now he did go over our top trainers earnings (with permission) and proved that there is certainly potential to earn more than my minimum requirement. granted that is an example from the trainer who is number one in sales almost every month, but it is possible at our gym; it’s just a matter of pushing myself to get to the top. chasing leads, getting clients results, selling myself, are things I have little experience in, but something I know I can do. especially when my income depends on it.

my thought process:

  1. it’s now or never.
  2. if I stay with my full time job, I won’t be able to train anymore because of a shift change and possible overtime.
  3. if I’m going to take a pay cut, I’m at the point in my life when I am able to do so.
  4. I have a back up plan to the back up plan.
  5. I do have a savings account, and I talked to a financial advisor about rolling over my 401k.
  6. I won’t have benefits but I can be put on my dads for a few more years. (this was a possible deal breaker until I realized I could be on my parents until I’m 26.)

yesterday it seemed like everything was pointing me in the direction to follow my heart.

my friend that I wrote a program for texted me with some positive feedback,

encouraging **blogs**, Anna Jensen Brown | A life in story

my brother sent me a random motivational video ,

and my mom send me an inspiring quote.

I also heard from an old friend that was so encouraging! she made me feel stronger in my decision.

I realize that either decision I make is going to force me out of my comfort zone. so it comes down to me deciding if I want to be forced into Collections, or forced in to Sales in the place I believe I want to be in anyways. the choice is mine, and that thought of power over my life gives me hope that everything will be okay.

it is scary starting a new job. but you have to dive in head first and give it 110%. I know if I don’t make the leap I will regret it, and life is too short for regrets.


To Quit or Not to Quit?

I started working out of high school. well I’ve been working since I could at 15, my first job was at Joann fabrics and crafts and I seriously loved it. I was super into scrapbooking at the time, it was actually my senior project (I got 100%. obviously still proud of that accomplishment.) then I started babysitting for my neighbor, “nannying” if you will, once I graduated. then in addition to those jobs, I got a third one at a local restaurant as a hostess/salad expediter. yes that was my title. I had no serving experience and still don’t. which I’m starting to regret ever so slightly because: I’m going to quit my job. there, I said it.

I juggled three jobs after graduation bc I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for, I didn’t even apply to college (not something I would ever suggest.) I caught a break when the bank my dad works out was hiring a bunch of referrals. my sister also got a job, and I’ve been with the company ever since. four years and three months to be exact. I make good money, I have benefits and a 401k with four weeks vacation. oh and I’m on a 7-330 shift Monday through Friday. I have it GOOD

I was inspired to write this post after reading‘s blog the other day about how she was laid off. I commented that I was fortunately not laid off, but I feel like I have lost my job in a way because we are changing lines of business. the company I’m with is turning our location into a collections office. 

so I’m in quite the predicament. I’ve been struggling the last few days whether to stick it out or search for other options – it’s hard to take a pay cut! but if there is a time in my life for me to do so, it would be now. this may be the perfect opportunity and the push I need to fully commit to being a Trainer. I’m highly considering going to full time at the gym I work at. it’s scary though. there are so many variables! and the bank is all I know; I’ve been very spoiled with a structured schedule and I’m honestly not sure how I will do without one. then again, how will I know if I don’t try?

I’ve applied to a handful of other places, some in the line of business I want to be in, others that I can use my bank experience as an advantage and another application in sales. so we will see what I decide, but I know deep down collections is not for me. it takes a certain personality type and tough skin to be successful in collections, and I avoid confrontation at all costs. I’m a very positive person but the idea of collecting money from people makes my stomach hurt.

I have a lot to think about and many things to consider! there are a few people I need to talk to like my manager at the gym and my financial advisor. my initial thought when I heard about the new job I would be trained for was to walk out the door, (I’m not that impulsive!) but I know the best thing to do is to weigh every option. 

have you been in a similar situation? please comment your personal experiences or words of encouragement. I appreciate the support!