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Practice Show

Hoppy belated Easter!

I’ve been feeling high energy and strong since carbing up on Sunday.  Yesterday I floor pressed 145×3!  I haven’t felt this good for a long time so I was very excited to get a good lift in.  Same thing this morning with my shoulder workout.  I also through in some hamstring exercises after cardio.  My 6am and 7am both cancelled so I had plenty of time for a quality workout, which I feel like I haven’t had recently.  Two good lifting days in a row left me feeling happy and ready for my contests!

Yes, plural.

This morning I registered for a “practice” show April, 9th- Next Saturday!  Do I feel ready?  Honestly no… but it will be good because there are only 4 total competitors in the Figure division so far so I think I have a good chance of placing!  It will look very good on my resume to place in a show.  It will also give me the confidence I need for the show I’ve been prepping for, April 30th!  SO CLOSE.

Today’s workout was shoulders – got a good pump:

Military press

     straight leg deadlifts

lateral raises

bent over rows (over exaggerated to hit the rear delts)

front raises

face pulls

     hamstring curl machine

seated shoulder press

     single leg RDLs

Contest Prep

Bodybuilder Circuit

my posing coach made a couple suggestions on Saturday that I have been following:

  1. increase cardio/intensity to 1 hr a day for 6 days a week (to lower body fat)
  2. train legs 3 days a week and use heavy weight to bring out striations in the lower body. (focus on calves and hamstrings)
  3. do weighted ab exercises

this morning I had about an hour to get a good workout in before work. this evening I will be benching and squatting 😏💪🏼🍑

40 minutes on the open stride machine

15 deficit calf raises using the smith machine 

10 leg extension (breakdown set)

20 weighted decline sit-ups

repeat 5 times!

Contest Prep

Posing Session

today I had my first posing session with bodybuilding veteran, Stasi Longo. she is an amazing coach and person, I’m so happy I decided to receive coaching from her. I would highly suggest a posing class or clinic before a first show. she took my body fat (23%), weight (138), adjusted my suit, gave me suggestions on what I need to improve. mostly keep my diet on point, do more cardio and more legs, because my upper body and lower body aren’t proportioned. also, as a judge, her trained eye was able to help me pose in the best position for me and tell me exactly what the judges look for. she corrected my poses, which I had learned from watching YouTube videos.    
 she said there really are no rules when it comes to posing and I would have gotten away with what I had learned, but the suggestions she gave me made a huge difference!

she also helped me with my walk, prejudging posing and went through the T walk also for the second round of judging. I had so much confidence by the end of our session. she told me I should try a show April 9 (3 weeks away) for some experience before her show at the end of April. I’m highly considering it! his is the motivation I needed to get me through the next 6 weeks. I can do this!!!

Contest Prep

My Binge Eating Confession

since starting my new job I feel like I’m struggling with balancing everything. I train clients in the morning and try to workout myself in addition to cardio, then shower and look presentable before going to the office for at least 8.5 hours before going straight to either umbergers to workout myself or anytime to train a client or two and workout if I didn’t have time in the morning. that doesn’t include the grocery shopping and cooking and prepping my meals for at least a day or two ahead. it’s exhausting! and of course there’s everything else like spending time with family, friends, cleaning and laundry. you know, all the normal daily activities. 

with that being said, within the past couple of days I have started giving into the temptations. well, one temptation in particular… peanut butter. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. it started with a spoonful and has progressed to a jar within a matter of days. I’ve gone through multiple containers and I am struggling to stay on track. I am halfway through my prep and this week is the first time I’ve completely derailed myself. I was doing so well!

I see the action for what it is, and before it goes too far, I’ve already spoken to a couple of people about my dirty little secret. it’s embarrassing but I know who I have told I can talk to without judgement. I feel so much better already because it made me realize I’m not the only one. this is unfortunately a common thing, especially in the bodybuilding world.

being honest with myself, not only in my personal situation, but being open and sharing my struggle with others is hard – but I know there are people in the same boat as me. 

I’ve eaten the last of the peanut butter and will not buy anymore because it is a trigger food for me now. I’ve worked too hard to stop now! I can get through the next 7 weeks.

if anyone has any tips or suggestions or even words of encouragement I would truly appreciate it!!
on a different note I had an awesome workout with my friend Alex. it was much needed!

incline cardio 40 min

calves 3 trisets

super set with abs


reverse grip lay pull downs

low rows 2 x close grip 2x wide grip

BENC over row with curl bar

single iso lat row

21s with curl bar

preacher curls

cable bicep curls superset with push-ups

smith machine shrugs

Contest Prep

Normal = Coldstone

I prepped and packed every meal for the weekend, Friday to Sunday, so I could stick to my diet and have zero excuses. Friday and Saturday were a breeze even with the samples and a night out exploring the area. we left earlier than expected and came home Saturday, which was fine – still no temptations!

Sunday was my carb day and also deadlifting. I planned to have my two carb meals pre and post workout then I’d have my 3 no carb meals the rest of the day. but for some reason I was feeling rebellious. I didn’t want to eat what someone else told me to eat. I didn’t want to eat every three hours. I just wanted to listen to my body and the cravings I was having.

I had jiff whipped peanut butter, and a lot of it. boy was it good!  then I had the urge to bake cookies. I searched for the best recipe on Pinterest (which I didn’t find) but eventually just decided to go to giant eagle and grab the pre made cookie dough and bring them home to bake and eat as many as I pleased. I asked my roommates what cookies they liked so they could eat some too and darrin had an even better suggestion: Coldstone ice cream.

I have no regrets and I honestly feel so refreshed having a day where I was the one in control. I ate when I wanted to and I ate what I wanted to eat. I haven’t done that for two months and it was much needed. and still far enough out of my show that I don’t feel like all my hard work has been reversed. I felt so normal!  I forgot what it was like to not have food be in control.

sometimes you just need to scream for ice cream!

Contest Prep, Recipes

New Job Deets, Baby Food & Show News

I just realized I didn’t inform you of my new full time job position!  I started Monday at a title company.  Unfortunately training full time is not enough income to support myself, especially now that my rent has been increased by moving out recently.  But I am going to balance it as much as I can because it is my passion.
My new job is local and I no longer have to commute downtown, and I’m super excited about the free parking!  It’s the little things.  The best part though is I will be working with a very good friend of mine and I know another person in my training who will be on the same team as me with a lot of title experience.  I’m learning that people bounce between the dozen or so title companies in Pittsburgh.  It really is a small world!  Training is a lot of information but I’m looking forward to getting on the floor next week.  With that being said; my schedule for new-hire training is 9-5(30) – we’ve been getting out a little early the past couple days.  I’ve tried to wake up early to do cardio, clients before work and maybe get a quick workout in then go to training, then come back and train a couple clients then get my workout in.  Needless to say by yesterday I was exhausted.  Not to mention my 7am cancelled, my 6pm would no return my call or texts to confirm (she’s 19, I know she received my texts.)  So I went home after work to nap before my 7pm, who also cancelled!  This is exactly why I can’t depend on training for a sole income, people are unreliable.  So I texted my 8pm and she was so sweet and said we could reschedule so I could have the night off.  I typed “oh no that’s okay!” and quickly deleted it.  I appreciated that offer so much and took advantage of it because I truly needed it.  Especially since Thursday morning calls for a 6am client, and a 6 & 7 pm clients.  Thank goodness I’m off Friday and all weekend for the Arnold!

Taking advantage of my unexpected night off, I prepped my 2 carb meals and had enough time to try some new things.  For veggies this week, I’m trying butternut squash which pairs perfectly with my sweet potato.  I blended a cup of each together with a small banana, added cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and some baking soda to make 4 little cakes at 350 degrees for about 15-20 min.  They needed oats or something… but turned out tasty non the less!  Then I realized I basically made baby food!  Haha.  What an odd combination of foods… but don’t knock it until you try it!  I only made that for 1 of the 2 meals, and kept the foods separate for my other meal.  i don’t know if i will make that particular combination again, but it was nice to try something new for a change.


I was searching for the show I originally picked in Virginia, April 23rd and stumbled upon a show right in my hometown April 30th!  What’s one more week of prep at this point.  I’m going to enter that one instead and I feel so much better about it.  It was meant to be.  Stasi Longo is running it and I have heard nothing but good things about her.  I contacted her and will be meeting with her next Saturday for a posing session.  All the pieces are falling in place!

8 weeks out!

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hey guys! yesterday was crazy busy. it started at 530 am with my favorite breakfast! unfortunately that will be coming to an end this weekend; we will get to that part soon!!

my 6 am client killed it as usual. she’s awesome and is willing to push and sweat! now we just need to clean up her nutrition and she will have an amazing transformation by summer!  I did my cardio after our session and went back to my new home to prep for the day.

already fueling back up with m2 I shower and relax a little bit. I catch up on all my YouTube subscriptions and make two very exciting purchases:

  1. an airplane ticket to myrtle beach in June AND I got the $50 rebate so it cost me about $32 to fly back to Pittsburgh (1 way.)
  2. I BOUGHT MY SUIT!!!!!!! I got a great deal on eBay. its not customized or anything, but it’s pretty and I think it will compliment my completion well. you have to wait a bit to see it though!!  since this is my first show I didn’t want to invest $300 in a bikini, but if I continue with competing I will reconsider buying a cheap vs customized suit next time.

I’m going with my best friend and our mutual friends to the beach, and our original plan was to meet at an airport an hour away from me to get a deal from Pittsburgh to the beach, which you could only get by buying the one way ticket in this particular airport with this specific airline. so I ran and got my groceries, washed and vacuumed my car, stopped at cool beans on my way through Pittsburgh and got to the airport around 3pm. I beat Julie and her boyfriend, Steve, so I went ahead and bought my ticket. $85 total; so for round trip the cost was about $115. but Julie told me the ticket should have been $60, so it turned out I drove an hour there and an hour and a half back (with traffic) to save.. THREE DOLLARS. which I spent in gas and tolls getting there plus 2.5 hours of unproductive time.  thankfully I had the time to spare! and lesson learned.

I went straight to the gym on my way back to get a head start. I arrived at 5pm and stretched really well. my calves are knotted up from running more and my hamstrings were super tight from Sunday still.

February 23


100 pull aparts

50 banded pull ups

warm up db bench

floor press with chains 5×8 quarter plates

tricep extension 15x4x15

banded push downs 4×15 red mini

rolled out CALVES. I almost cried but my calves are pain free today!

I left the gym around 7 to get back home to make dinner for myself, the roomies, and my friend Marisa.  I made an awesome stir fry with ground turkey!  the whole meal for 5 servings cost about $6 from aldi. they have awesome frozen veggie stir fry bags for 2.99. I heated the sauce separately to keep it prep friendly.

I had one more meal to eat; I ended up just drinking a cup of egg whites because it was getting late and I had another 6am client this morning!

I already have my cardio and back/rear delt workout in for the day and it’s only 8:45 am!

February 24


low row 55


Lat pull down 55x5x15 slow and focused

face pull downs with row bar 40x4x25

Hammer strength – back. heavy single pull downs 1 platex8 reps

rear delt flies 10x4x15

in other exciting news, I start a new meal plan this weekend. more to come on that. 8 weeks out!!!