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March Favorites

Another month into 2016, where does the time go??

Here are a couple new favorites I’ve stumbled upon the past few weeks, enjoy!


standing lat pull downs

why have I not been doing his amazing exercise?!  super set with shrugs or tricep push downs and feel the burn. 🔥

YouTube channels:

– Mark Bells Powercast for all the powerlifters out there.
– Primal Edge Health podcast.  If you’re interest in learning more about ketosis, this is a great start for you!
I found this list of informational podcasts on Pinterest. I subscribed to almost all the nutrition ones and I’m super excited about the self-help podcast, The One You Feed. check it out.

TV Show:
I hardly watch TV, but when I do, fit2fat2fit is my go-to.  This is one the roomies and I always make time for.  Plus I just found out that there is a podcast that covers a lot of events that went on behind the scenes.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer that went through his fit2fat2fit transformation in 2011.

two variations, same macros!

tuna omelette:
1 egg
3 egg whites
1 pack of aldi flavored tuna.
-they have a couple flavors in the 2.5 ounce tuna packs, sweet and spicy or lemon pepper.  I personally prefer the sweet and spicy over all, but the lemon pepper was surprisingly delicious with my omelet. I stumbled upon the combination when that was the only flavor I had left.. I buy them by the box! of course plain works well too.
fruit on the side.
-strawberries or blueberries are my fruit of choice… I have a very limited selection to choice from at the moment, any fruit will do!


frozen overnight smoothie:
1 egg
3 egg whites
1 scoop of protein
6 frozen strawberries
-again, any fruit will work.
blend and freeze.
add water/milk if needed.
this was an easy option for a prepped breakfast; grab it and go!  I let mine thaw out a little so it was a little slushy by the time I would eat breakfast. I also used chocolate protein and it was so good I didn’t even want to try it with any other flavor. add chocolate chips or coco nibs for an extra sweetness!



foam rolling. I have been rolling religiously this month, and will continue to do so. self myofascial release is an amazing technique to use. rollers can be made out of different types of materials.  I found for beginners, start with a soft foam before moving on to a harder foam. the more you roll, the harder the roller will have to be because you’re muscle tissue will eventually get used to whatever material you are rolling out with. I’ve used pvc pipe and, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a weighted steel roller (aka The Ex Wife.)  all of my clients know how to roll out their backs, legs, and IT bands, including shins and calves. I do this before stretching when I’m warming up and after my workouts every day. it helps a lot with DOMS and is great for post cardio as well.

single leg RDL. an exercise I include every Deadlift Sunday and in each of my clients programs. it’s awesome for hamstrings, muscle imbalance and balance in general. I usually teach this exercise with a 12 pound kettlebell and do 4 sets of 10 reps each leg. it also hits the lower back, especially when you start to use heavier weight!

maple bacon cookies. NEED I SAY MORE! (aka heaven.) I stocked up after Walmart clearances these to $1 a bag.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong with these.  I take cookies very seriously.

mccormicks chipotle sea salt blend. I put this on pretty much everything! I’m not a salt person, but when my eggs need a lil sumsum this is my go to.

turmeric. MY FAVORITE SEASONING. it offers a ton of health benefits. I add it to veggies and chicken. it has a subtle sweeter flavor thank I expected, it’s mild and yummy.

megsquats YouTube channel. Meg is the shit. she’s a strong and beautiful powerlifter that is prepping for the Arnold Classic the first weekend of March and puts up videos regularly. she is one of my new favorite subscriptions.
new music Friday playlist. updated every week, this playlist on Spotify has the best music and a lot of variety. just make sure if you like a song to save it to your music! or you may never find it again.
nutrient timing article. I found this article to be very insightful. I think it’s important to do your research and keep up with the forever changing opinions of nutrition techniques. but also learn what works best for YOU. everyone is different. there’s so much information out here and many ways to do things, so learn yourself and how your body reacts to certain tricks. check out this article!

Already 2 months into the new year, can you believe it?!

What are some of your favorites this month??


January Favorites

Here it is!  My first post to my new blog feature – my Favorites of the month of January.  I am introducing this once a month to my blog to collect all of my new favorite things each month and share them with you!  ENJOY.

RECIPE:  Baked oats and egg white breakfast (sweet or savory)
my new breakfast addiction. check out the savory recipe here. I made chocolate baked oats too which was a half cup rolled oats soaked over night in 1 cup of egg whites. I added vanilla extract, cinnamon and a little dark cocoa powder (all to-taste.). I also put 1/4 tsp baking powder as well and in the morning I gave it a good shake. after spraying a shallow pan, I bake it on 350F for about 15-20 minutes.



I found this article super helpful with the difference between using baking powder and baking soda!  I always thought they were pretty much the same; but that is not the case!

Fiesta ranch mix from Aldi.
great find on my way through the checkout line! marked down to $0.59 a pack, I only bought two. but after using a package to flavoring my turkey burgers I’m going back for more!  a whole pack is 80 calories and 16 carbs, I made 5 burgers with it so it is additional carbs but roughly 3 each burger (3oz.) I cut up green onions as well and made lettuce bun burgers with rice and avocado.

EXERCISEcable bicep curls superset with push-ups has been a must in my arm-day routine. use the handle attachments and bring the cables to the top of the machine. hold a handle on each hand and flex your hand to your ear (cue: pinky to ear) for 10-15 reps and super set into 10 push-ups. try to go 5 rounds!


Go-To Album: Crisis by Alexisonfire.
I’ve been killing my cardio to this 5 days a week. the first song I heard from them was “Boiled Frogs” and was hooked. listen to that one first to see if it’s your kind of gym music.

IMG_4540I recently subscribed to Alan Thrall’s YouTube channel.
he has a great personality and is very knowledgeable about fitness and resistance training. he explains lifts and technique very well so if you’re having trouble with form he might be your guy.



I love the ATP Project Podcast!
a supplement company based out of Australia hosts a podcast that uses science to explain human reactions.  their products are also all natural. I highly recommend their products – check them out!