The combination of a busy weekend and the time change, my routine has been thrown off to the max.  My meals and prep in general have taken a backseat and I was feeling burnt out.  It’s SO important to listen to your body!  So i took a couple days off my cardio routine and I’m feeling much better about everything today.

Contest prep is HARD.  It’s a huge mental struggle for me, because it’s so close and yet so far away… it’s easy to lose focus.  But this morning was a great cardio session (much needed) and some good accessory work because I’m squatting with the crew this evening at Umbergers.  I haven’t been there for a week!  Also, juggling between two jobs has been a hard adjustment and i’m sure that has effected me and my routine as well.  After this week I will no longer be working evenings.  Most everyone has switched to mornings and those who are unable to I was able to schedule for Saturday morning, that makes me happy.

This Tuesday morning I had a 6am client.  She deadlifted 5×5 and loves lifting heavy, she will quickly progress and i’m excited to see where she ends up!  I did HIIT for half an hour after and deficit calves on the smith machine afterwards.  I threw in an accessory circuit before calling it a successful morning!  I try to drink 1/2 a gallon by 8 am so I can pace the remaining gallon for the rest of the day.  I recently ran out of l-glutamine and replaced it with l-leucine.  I mixed that with a scoop of creatine with an ALA and 2 l-carnitine and hit the shower!  I’m ready to go.

My meal plan calls for 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 3 oz protein (usually tuna because I make it an omelet) with 6 strawberries.  This morning I decided to switch it up and used frozen strawberries, a scoop of chocolate protein, and threw the eggs in there for the mixture and froze overnight to make a delicious breakfast smoothie.  A nice change from my usual breakfast! I always have to eat my meals cold… all my food is always cold by the time i eat it, by the way, from being in my Jax lunch box.  I could hear it up if I really wanted to but i don’t like to heat plastic, period, and I also just don’t like to use microwaves…

So today is off to a great start!  Trained one of my favorite clients, got a quick cardio session and workout in and heading to work!  I joined the Health and Wellness Committee at work and I’ll be attending my first meeting today. I was listening to one of mark bells podcasts where he interviewed Jason Khalipa, a crossfit games winner and gym owner, and he really encouraged me to make a difference in the work environment!  I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping to make an impact in my new office.

30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 seconds on/30 seconds off

deficit calves on the smith machine [triset] 3×8-10

25 decline sit ups, 25 rolling calves, 15 smith pulls, 25 incline push ups (4 sets)


weekend recap

this weekend was crazy! it FLEW by, that tends to happen to everyone doesn’t it?  Monday always comes too fast.

Thursday evening was spend prepping and packing because I decided to take a roadtrip to see my beautiful momma for the weekend! I miss her so. it’s i ky a 6 hour drive which is an easy weekend trip.

Friday I had a 6am client then I worked out myself before work. I just did some accessory work bc I haven’t had many off days recently and was feeling pretty burnt out. work went well; and I had a hair appointment directly after- just a touch up! then I got on the road. I arrived at my moms around 2 am. I accidentally added an hour to the trip not realizing the address I put in my gps was to the wrong 1 of 2 addresses that existed in the area, but I made it!

Saturday was spent catching up, enjoying st Patrick’s day activities, trying new places and getting pedicures and americanos 💁🏻👯 the perfect day!  I took the day off from the gym since we had such limited time together. before we know it Sunday morning is here and a precious hour lost; but I wouldn’t want it any other way. we enjoyed an AMAZING authentic Mexican breakfast before I made the 6 hour trip back to Pittsburgh. I miss my mom already!

I got home around 4, stopped at my dads and had to go to Costco and aldi before they closed at 6 (damn Sunday hours) and unpack before heading to the gym for a killer chest workout that I am definitely suffering from today.

I keep track of all my workouts in my Notes now. I used to write them down physically in a note book, which I honestly liked, but it is convenient keeping them in my phone for reference. although sometimes I get lazy and don’t put the reps and sets so I may convert back… but until then! I have a folder for my workouts in my Notes, make sure I put the date at the top of each exercise, and add my workouts daily.

yesterday was fun because I worked out with my friend Alex for Chest Day for the first time and he had a lot of new exercises for me!  the pain is real today.

it was a great weekend but I’m feeling the exhaustion and time change effects today and couldn’t force myself to roll out of bed before 7 this morning. it will be another late night at the gym but I’m looking forward to it!

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Arnold Classic Thoughts & Feels

this weekend was my first Arnold Classic experience. named after Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, it’s a huge expo in Columbus with all the big brands and names of the fitness industry. my roommates and our friend josh made the three hour trip Friday morning to Columbus and spent the day at the convention center.

we watched the prejudging for the figure competition and I’m happy we got to see that, my show is only two months away!  I met mark bell and got his autograph! that was the highlight of my trip; he signed my shoe!

Saturday morning we went to a powerlifting meet at a different location which was a nice change because it wasn’t packed and was super chill. I also want to note I challenged Darrin to a foot race and he wiped out! it made my day and I’m pretty sure everyone else’s as well.

the expo was so packed we only lasted an hour or so before we called it quits. there’s only so much to do there!  to be honest I was a little let down and slightly disappoint wih the experience; next year it will be a day trip! we headed back a day early but it was nice to have the rest of Saturday and Sunday to relax before a long Monday.

check out my YouTube for my most recent vlog videos where I go into a little more detail of our experience!


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Check Out My Vlog

For the next 8 weeks of my prep, I plan on vlogging updates and adding the videos to my YouTube channelVlogging is a video blog for those that are wondering.  Basically just videoing my posts instead of typing them out.  I’ll try not to be redundant between the two.  I really just want whoever watches my videos to get to know who I am a little better. I honestly made a channel so my grandpa could watch my videos; then me and John were saying we should start vlogging at the gym and car rides because we are fucking hilarious, and I kind of took the idea seriously.  So yesterday I decided, why the fuck not?

I love blogging though, so I will continue to track my workouts and share recipes on here.  I think utilizing YouTube will be fun and a little more interactive, so I’m excited to try it for the next couple months!  I already have my first subscriber and received my first Comment today!  Please go watch my last 2 videos (yesterday and today.)  I have no idea how to edit anything yet, so bare with me until I figure it out!


My workouts the 2 days:

Thursday, February 25

Cardio: 30 min on/off


Warmed up a lot because the gym is cold. Still felt tight. I can tell my body fat is decreasing! I had two shirts and two pairs of pants on and I couldn’t get my hips warmed up much. The weight felt super heavy today so didn’t go as heavy as I wanted but everyone has those days!

Squats 155x3x5

Leg press 4 sets

Kettlebell swings

Lunges with 15 kettlebells

I could definitely tell I was deprived of carbs that I’m used to having. Felt extremely tired and exhausted and my mind was foggy. Called it a day once I knew I wasn’t having a productive workout.

Friday, February 26



100 reps on the weighted ab crunch machine

3 trisets of calves on the smith machine

100 reps of leg extensions (trying to make up for yesterday) supersetted with decline sit ups

I slept in today until 9 and took the day off cardio. It felt good to take a break from the treadmill and I had was allowed carbs for meals 2 and 3.  If you want to know what my meals consist of comment below and I will make a more specific post of what I am currently eating.  I’m feeling so much better already!

P.S. I bought flaxseed oil today and put a couple teaspoons over my rice,  I want to put it on everything! 


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Deload (7th and final day)

I always go up to LA Fitness and meet my friend bob for an upper body workout. he’s trained a lot of track athletes, and is a school record holder at his college for track himself. it’s a different type of workout but he gets people results. I love training a different style with him. it is definitely more bodybuilder and explosive type workouts. we focused on working some fast twitch muscles by controlling the eccentric and really trying to be explosive with the concentric. 

95 bench 5×5//superset with 25 Dumbbells 15×5

and doing a set of 8 pull ups after the superset

incline bench for 8 reps at 65 pounds//super setting again with 25 Dumbbells for 10 reps. sets of pull ups ran into the incline supersets. I did 7×8 pull-ups! with bobs hand on my back for a little assistance. I really feel like I can see the creatine working. 

low rows 40x4x25 (last set burned out with 40 reps so 115 reps total) //superset with 25 tricep dips (105 total)

burned out biceps with 10 sets of 10 with a 30 pound EZ bar. 

needed with about 100 reps or so of decline sit-ups. 

I did a half hour of 1 minute on 1 minute off for cardio earlier in the morning. I like it so much better than steady state for 50 minutes!

I’m still weighing about 138 but the creatine I’m taking (monohudrate) is known for causing water retention. I’m taking it for the next four weeks and at that point I will be 1 month away from my very first figure show!!

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On Sundays we Deadlift.

Started Sunday feeling slightly exhausted, going off of 3 hours of sleep.  I woke up in time to eat breakfast, slept for an hour, woke back up to meet my friends for breakfast at 9, another staple in my weekend routine.  Deadlifting starts at 10 o clock sharp.  After a thorough foam roll and stretching session I did single leg deadlifts with a kettlebell before my pin pulls.  And, as previously promised, here is a video!

 4 x 2 again this week.  It was taxing on my back after my workout the previous morning but this program has helped me so much with my form for all powerlifts and staying tight.

Reverse hyperextensions 4×10

4 x 10 Single leg hamstring curls with monster mini (need to work on keeping movements slow and constant tension on the muscle.)

6 x 15 good mornings

Walking lunges with 25lb kettlebell

I had to go back to the gym for round 2 to get my 25 minutes of cardio in, which I completed on incline 15 at speed 3.0, burning 300 calories.  Steak and potatoes for dinner!  It was the perfect ending to an awesome weekend and a great start to my first day as a full time personal trainer.

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Saturday was a high volume workout.  I have somewhat of a routine for Saturdays, I workout with my friend, Bob, at LA Fitness and we have a workout that we stick to pretty consistently.  The reps and sets always vary, but this Saturday was more reps, sets and exercises and I’m still feeling it!  I did manage to get my cardio in before, which will go from 25 min to 40 minutes starting today (Monday.)

To start we did incline dumbbell presses for about 20 reps, and I superset with 8 pull ups!  I did receive a slight assistance from Bob but this is a huge improvement from a few weeks ago when 5 was a struggle.  Next we did dumbbell flat bench presses, again 20-25 reps for 4 sets, finishing out 2 more sets of pull ups for 40 total.  At this point in our workout, my friend Evan asked if he could jump in.  He’s very strong and can move a lot of weight but wanted to workout with us for more of a bodybuilding style workout; something he’s not used to.  From that point we did:

Image result for incline dumbbell press
incline DB press


Image result for dumbbell bench press
flat bench press

4×10 single dumbbell clean and presses superset with 20 leg throws

50 total seated Arnold presses (a 30 second break was allowed when needed.)

100 bench tricep dips (rested when partner was doing their set.)

100 lat pull downs (rested when partner was doing their set.)

100 EZ bar curls, sets of 25 (allowed to “cheat” last 5 reps.)

100 decline sit ups, sets of 25

And ended with a 2 min pushup plank.

Evan and I were both toast.  We will see if he joins us for another workout next weekend!