Scrambled Tuna 🐟

last night I had my friends over for dinner. I tried to get creative with the limited list of foods I am able to eat so I could enjoy our time together over a mutual meal!  what I came up with was a hit!

first, I originally planned on making tuna cakes aka tuna patties, but there wasn’t enough to bind them together and they quickly fell apart in the skillet. next time I will add a couple egg whites. BUT this is the exact recipe for last nights dinner:

5 cans of drained tuna in water. 

1 small head of cauliflower, chopped up then steamed in the microwave for four minutes. (put on a towel to absorb moisture while draining the tuna.)

half a jar of sundried tomatoes, diced

1/4 cup of feta cheese

1 whole egg

1 tsp Italian seasoning

sriracha to taste

mix all ingredients and cook in skillet!



5 Step Kale Salad

I had some veggies to use up this week because I got excited and bought more than I could handle. I’m limited to a cup of veggies with M2 and a large salad a day.  I honestly don’t mind my meal plan!  thankfully I like tuna, otherwise I would probably be miserable 😂

so I’ve improvised my cold salad of mixed greens to a sautéed salad!  I enjoy the change from cold to hot!  it’s the little things. 

1 bunch of kale

1/2 bunch of asparagus

1/2 container of sliced mushrooms

6 cherry tomatoes

dash of salt

1 clove of garlic

oil is optional (I simply added water)

  1. sauté mushrooms with garlic and oil/water. 
  2. add asparagus and cover to steam for a few minutes. 
  3. add washed kale seperated from the stems and halved cherry tomatoes. sprinkle salt to taste. 
  4. cover with lid until kale is cooked down. 
  5. enjoy!

Update: First Day

first day on the new job!  I posted a vlog prior to orientation and also later in the evening at the end of the day. I really need to learn how to edit soon!

I did morning cardio before my 730am client and went to orientation at an off site location that began at 9. my sister and brother were in there with me along with a friend from la fitness; small world!

we ended a half hour ahead of schedule so it gave me plenty of time to meet my 6pm client before I met the guys to bench. we switched to Monday and Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday and Thursday. it worked out well with my carb cycle!

1 min on 1 min off cardio 30 min

warm up 100 pull aparts

floor press with fat bar and chains

5×20 incline db press

swiss bar double pause tri extensions

triple tricep 2xfailure with kettlebell

rope pull downs

rolled out by the ex wife

I had a ton of energy and really enjoyed my day!  I ran to aldi and prepped a little bit for the following day because I scheduled a 6am client. I had to inform my evening people I won’t be taking late appointments anymore, it’s too much on myself… hopefully once I have a routine I can arrange my schedule to suit them as well but I don’t see it happening.. especially with training myself.  

today I had my 6am client deadlifting and I got my cardio in afterwards. I’m still doing 30 minutes of intervals and I added 3 sets of calves supersetted with decline sit-ups before my shower and off to orientation I went!  I enjoyed my tuna omelet in my car before going in while listening to mark bells podcast with Pete rubish. another wonderful day! 

later I’ll be working or shoulders after a quick drive by to Costco for some more veggies. the Arnold will be here in a few days and I’m planning on prepping my meals prior to.

busy busy week ahead of me but looking forward to every day!


What I did Wednesday:

Happy hump day!  I thought it’d be nice to switch it up and make a more personal post instead of just my typical workout posts.  Obviously my day revolves around fitness but there is more to it than that! …sort of.

Today my morning began around 6am.  I had my things set out for morning cardio, but after my post yesterday I did a little more research and decided it’s not a strategy that will get me the results I wanted, plus I get to sleep in!  I got up and made my breakfast (yes, still savory oats) and sat down to eat while catching up on some emails and text messages.  Oscar, my Brussels griffen, was curled up in my lap enjoying the early morning cuddle.  I cleaned up my dishes and the rest of the kitchen around 7.

I got my posing practice in before heading to the gym.  Right now I’m holding each quarter-turn pose for 30 seconds and making sure to smile the whole time.  The heels aren’t as hard to walk in as I thought thank god… I logged a couple workouts and before I know it I’m packing my gym bag again for another day in the life.

My first client isn’t coming in until 10am so I did 30 minutes of HIIT, abs, and an awesome shoulder workout in by 930.  Today is the first day seeing noticeable results from the creatine.  It’s been 6 days since I started taking it so I’m excited to see what progress comes in the next few weeks.  I plan on taking it for about 4 more weeks.  A shower and meal later my first client, Alex came in.  We had a tough leg workout, broke a sweat and I got another round of abs in with him.

Our gym gets cleaned every day.  Between 3 full time trainers and our manager, we clean the whole thing top to bottom and take pride in it.  Today I had to mop, which felt like another workout after doing shoulders not long before!  I finish up just in time for Carly, my second client of the day.  We focused on biceps and triceps and I am confident she will be sore tomorrow!  Two clients down and two to go, but I have a pretty big gap until my next one at 430pm.  During this time I’m making calls, working on my blog, writing a program and checking nutrition of my evening clients and whatever other research needs done.  Next week I’m doing a nutrition class, “How to Read a Food Label” and a “Powerlifting 101” class, so I will be getting organized for that between clients today as well.  I also talk to gym members a lot.  That actually fills a lot of my time!  I’m a social butterfly and I love it.

Shirley has been sick for the past couple weeks so we will do some circuit training, and her daughter, Jess, comes in right after that then I’m done for the day!

I hang around the gym for a bit a socialize some more.  I pinch my friend, Kirby, so we can start monitoring her body fat the next couple weeks and finally head home! Well, that was my initial plan, before meeting my friend at a local restaurant to catch up with free drinks from her bartender boyfriend.  But it was snowing kind of bad and I didn’t want to go home and come right back in this weather so I hung out until 8 at the gym then met her.  Not a bad night!  I could only stay for an hour or so because I had to get home to eat my sixth and final meal of the day:  6 egg whites.  I’ve been using real egg whites and it’s funny how I can taste the difference between pasteurized egg whites and the real ones.

Contest Prep life is exactly that; a way of life.  Everything revolves around workouts, cardio and your meals.  I am now used to carry around a lunch box and water bottles.  Packing my meals and gym bag every night.  Cooking a couple nights a week, the same things over and over and trying to come up with creations to keep my stomach happy.  It’s not easy but I love it and I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m still able to find a balance and go out with my friends.  I still go out to eat every Sunday morning for my friends’ cheat meals, I just bring my own food.  Another thing I’ve gotten used to.  If I can do it, so can you.  It just takes motivation, determination, drive and dedication.  A recipe for success!


New Year/New Goals

one month into 2016 and the year is in full swing! Gone are the holidays and finally people are getting back to their daily routines.
at the end of 2015 I started setting goals for the new year; some of them are underway. some of them have already changed. some of them are still to be decided. i still have a few more goals to set to reach a total of 16 for the new year!

unfortunately one of the goals I’ve changed was going back to school. since I didn’t expect to be quitting my job one month into the new year, that was something I had planned on working hard at the next few years. but it’s just not the best timing right now, but it gives me time to focus on other things!
obviously I’ve accomplished my goal of starting a blog and I’m so happy I did!  I’ve made a lot of new connections and look forward to growing my blog with many more updates, workouts and recipes.
choosing to participate in a figure competition is also something I’m glad I decided to do. it’s already been such a learning experience, I can see how people fall in love with it. whether I am one of hose people, though, is still to be decided.
I’ve recently read a book to introduce myself to Buddhism. I was raised religious but have been feeling a pull more spiritually, so I’m happy to explore that. it’s definitely something I will continue to research and learn about this year.

Those are just a few of my goals and I’m still feeling driven and motivated!

To replace my goal of going to school, I want to start biking on the trail regularly and maybe even start biking to work once I get used to it.  it’s been a long time since I’ve rode a bike but has been a long time desire of mine to do so; 2016 is the year!

What are your goals this year?  Are you still committed to your new year resolution(s)?  It’s not to late to start and it’s definitely too soon to give up!  Keep it up and stay motivated.


Four Day Split

Cardio 20-25 min2-5 days a week.

Abs 1-2 times a week.
Day 1: legs (quad focus)

Back squats

Leg press

Walking lunges

Sumo squats

Leg extension

Day 2: back/bi

Warm up with assisted pull ups

Dumbbell flat bench press

Lat pull downs

Alternating hammer curls

Close grip cable row

EZ curl bar

Face pulls
Day 3: chest/tri

Chest press

Incline bench press

Assisted tricep dips

EZ curl bar front raises

Single cable pull downs

Chest flies

Day 4: legs (ham focus)


Good mornings

Kettlebell swings

Hamstring curls

Single leg cable kick backs

Take 1-2 days off a week. Give your body a rest!



sesame crusted turkey burgers

meal prepping has proven to be difficult now that I invested (a mere $15) in a digital food scale. my estimations were way off! so the better part of this afternoon was spent cooking, prepping, packing food, and a last minute trip to the grocery store. 

I go to aldi for most of my groceries and giant eagle for whatever aldi doesn’t carry. this list is usually pretty short and only consists of egg whites and gallons of water. 

I spent $30 on frozen meat and avocados at aldi this evening but it should last me about 2 weeks. I was very excited when I was measuring out the ground turkey and realized I could make 5 4oz burgers per container. a 1.2 lb (18oz) container of lean ground turkey at aldi is $3.29. that breaks down to about $0.66 a burger!  (it’s the little things people.)  I made two batches (10 burgers total) and put them in the freezer.  the first batch was, what I anticipate to be delicious, sesame crusted burgers. yum!

4oz of meat

6-8 tbs sesame seeds

1 tbs garlic powder

1tbs Italian seasoning

looking forward to eating these in a couple of days!